Top 8 Ways to Improve Privacy on Your Phone

    It’s almost unrealistic to achieve complete anonymity on modern devices, but everyone should try to improve their privacy. Here’s how to give less of your data to corporations and not leave personal information about yourself online.

    Configure App Permissions

    Some apps ask for access to your camera, microphone, and your location. In your phone settings, you can change access to different features, leaving permissions for only your favorite apps, for example only to programs by 22Bet partners or Netflix.

    Use Encryption

    Thanks to services with encryption, you can partially hide your presence on certain sites: the site owners will not see your IP address, but a fake one. This can be useful, for example, in public wifi networks. Examples of such services include the paid Windscribe or the free WARP. 

    Turn on Two-factor Authentication and Use Password Generators

    Two-factor authentication is an extra password that comes to your email or phone upon request. Turn it on in all installed apps where possible, or better yet, use password generators. There are some tools for Google and Microsoft accounts.

    Deactivate Targeted Ads

    Corporations and online retailers track user data to show ads tailored specifically to them. This can be turned off in preferences to make ads impersonal

    Change the Search Engine in Your Browser

    Usually, major search engines like Google collect data for targeted ads, so you may want to consider other options. For example, the private search engine DuckDuckGo will work – it even has a separate app.

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    Check for App Database Leaks

    Most browsers tell you if their users’ logins and passwords have fallen into the wrong hands. If you receive such a message from Apple or Google, check if you are on the list of leaks. If you are, change your password in all apps.

    Turn off Tracking in Email Services

    Many advertisers can track your location and phone information if you open promotional emails in email services. In the settings, turn off sending additional diagnostics, showing promotional offers, and external offers.

    Encrypt Phone Data

    On Android, you can encrypt all phone data so that attackers can’t access it without a special pin code. It’s worth remembering, otherwise, you risk losing your data forever.

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