Top Video Games of 2021 That Will Most Definitely Go Down in History

    2021 is officially coming to an end, but for game lovers, this year has been an unbelievable roller coaster ride, with several different kinds of video games popping up, designed by indie studios to all the well known software providers in the world of gaming technology now. In fact, if we look back at all that 2021 had on offer in terms of gaming, the conclusion would be that the indie studios took over and went on to carry their eclectic as well as amazing games forward. 

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    The following is a carefully curated list of the best video games that 2021 has produced for all us avid gamers:

    • Wildermyth (PC): Wildermyth has been capable of providing above and beyond anything that any video game has ever done with the world of Dungeons and Dragons. That being said, Wildermyth is significantly different from D&D. The D&D sessions that the six people team at WorldWalker Games wanted to focus on was the table-top D&D where a group of people huddle around a fireplace and get comfy as they play Dungeons and Dragons with pen and paper. What that could afford was a whole lot of small pieces of the fable with everyone pitching in with something or the other to make the game more interesting. This particular format was impossible in video game RPG format. But, Wildermyth has taken just that grievance and given us D&D with several side quests, infinite number of plot lines and some great character development along the way, as you move from tile to tile, attempting to defeat the villains at each step;
    • Cruelty Squad (PC): Well, this video game is just decidedly delicious! For fans of the terrible and the horror genres of video games, Cruelty Squad is an amazing choice. Eclectic, strange and yet ultimately fascinating, Cruelty Squad has a collar palette that primarily consists of ugly yellow and critical-error red. The world of this video game has apocalypse malls, dark and creepy suburban neighbourhoods and apartment complexes- all really ugly, yet considerably disorienting as well. Your mission is to bag a bounty and get back to base, but the world is horror in Cruelty Squad and you better not miss it;
    • Old World (Mac, PC): A strategy game at its best, Old World is designed by the well known Soren Johnson who took inspiration from two of the most popular strategy games of all time namely Crusader Kings and Civilisation. Starting off with an ancient and dusty map, the primary objective of the game is to build your army, orchestrate the movement of your soldiers, create alliances, harvest the crops and run your kingdom. What’s new? Well, not only do you get to run your own kingdom, but you also get all the juicy court gossip and orchestrate the grubby politics behind every game of thrones.

    Some other video games that you can check out include Resident Evil Village, Deathloop, It Takes Two, Maquette and so on. Enjoy now!

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