TOP5 directions in IT for students.

    For young computer science graduates, there’s never been brighter times. Recent statistics indicate that computer scientists have the highest starting salary and are in high demand.

    It’s easy for anyone to see why. Technology is changing our lives in every area, students get accounting homework help online, housewives buy household items online, public transport schedules can be viewed online. Today, these are simple things without which we cannot imagine our lives, but these are technologies that someone invented at one time. With technology’s rapid growth, there is an ever-increasing demand for bright students to join the ranks and transform areas such cyber security to data infrastructure. You should keep abreast of the most recent trends in computer science research if you’re interested in a career in this field. These are five emerging trends in the tech industry.

    1. Artificial intelligence and robotics

    The growth of the global robotics sector estimated at US$80billion by 2024 is largely due to investment and interest in artificial intelligence (AI), which is one of many fascinating and controversial areas of computer science. Though the technology is still early in its development, tech giants, such as IBM and Google, are investing enormous amounts of money to AI research. There are numerous opportunities to implement the technology in real-world settings. And there are huge potential breakthrough moments in this field.

    1. Big data analytics

    The Harvard Business Review had named data science the “sexiest” job of 2012. There has been an increase in demand for data science experts and increased efforts by brands and agencies to raise salaries and hire data science talent. Big data analytics is everywhere in the world, from banking to healthcare to improve customer service and personalization.

    1. Computer-assisted learning

    Computer-assisted learning is the use of computers and software for education and training. It has many benefits. It is possible to give personalized instruction to students with learning difficulties. The students can also learn at their own pace. This allows the teacher to spend more time with them. Many educators are excited about the potential of this field to allow students to engage actively in independent, play-based learning.

    1. Bioinformatics

    One fascinating application of big-data, bioinformatics (or the use and development of programming and software to create huge datasets of biological data for research purposes), is an exciting one. Bioinformatics is an emerging field that links large pharma companies with software firms. This offers great job prospects to computer science researchers as well as computer science graduates who are interested in biotechnology, medical technology and computer information sciences.

    1. Cyber security

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Cyber security jobs are forecast to grow 28 percent between 2016-26, which is faster than the average for all occupations. This raises concerns over the lack of qualified candidates. Barack Obama spoke in February 2015 of the need for “collaboration and exploration partnerships that will assist develop the best ways bolster our cybersecurity.” The world we live in is hyper-connected. Everything, including banking, dating and government infrastructure, can be done online. Data protection is essential in today’s digital world. It is not an option for individuals or countries. This has led to a new strand of computer science research.

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