Turn your Smartphone into a Portable Studio with Rode’s New Mobile vlogging Kits

    Amidst the chaos of the great annual Black Friday sales, the renowned microphone company that is Rode has just newly launched a versatile and smart range of mobile kits focused mainly only for vloggers. It including all the necessary components a person will require to transform their normal cell phone into a convenient portable studio for their own. Isn’t it great ?

    Each of the three available kits does not share a large portion of their highlights, yet one will have a microphone that is compatible with the Lightning connectors for the iOS gadgets. The other for USB-C compatible gadgets and the third one with a standard 3.5mm plug for a more adaptable range of gadgets and applications.

    In particular, this means that the Lightning kit will incorporate the Rode VideoMic Me-L. The USB-C kit will have the VideoMic Me-C and the 3.5mm choice accompanies the VideoMicro.

    Shared over all the 3 kits is a trio of already unreleased extra accessories. The Tripod 2 and its gimbal head is foldable hence it can be folded out to sit comfortably on a work area or any other comparable surface. Also, when it is folded back it provides a great handheld grip for the easiest vlogging experience.

    The unique SmartGrip feature will help to easily attach to the tripod’s gimbal and also provide a secure grip for your smartphones with the help of its rubber cladding. Also, the Rode MicroLED provides good quality lighting by sitting on the top rig.

    The prices of all three kits in the US currently are $ 149 only. The prices for UK and Austria are to be announced soon in the coming weeks of December. For all the vloggers this could be very exciting.

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