Turn your Smartphone into a Portable Studio with Rode’s New Mobile vlogging Kits

    Amidst the chaos of the great annual Black Friday sales, the renowned microphone company that is Rode has just newly launched a versatile and smart range of mobile kits focused mainly only for vloggers. It including all the necessary components a person will require to transform their normal cell phone into a convenient portable studio for their own. Isn’t it great ?

    Each of the three available kits does not share a large portion of their highlights, yet one will have a microphone that is compatible with the Lightning connectors for the iOS gadgets. The other for USB-C compatible gadgets and the third one with a standard 3.5mm plug for a more adaptable range of gadgets and applications.

    In particular, this means that the Lightning kit will incorporate the Rode VideoMic Me-L. The USB-C kit will have the VideoMic Me-C and the 3.5mm choice accompanies the VideoMicro.

    Shared over all the 3 kits is a trio of already unreleased extra accessories. The Tripod 2 and its gimbal head is foldable hence it can be folded out to sit comfortably on a work area or any other comparable surface. Also, when it is folded back it provides a great handheld grip for the easiest vlogging experience.

    The unique SmartGrip feature will help to easily attach to the tripod’s gimbal and also provide a secure grip for your smartphones with the help of its rubber cladding. Also, the Rode MicroLED provides good quality lighting by sitting on the top rig.

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    The prices of all three kits in the US currently are $ 149 only. The prices for UK and Austria are to be announced soon in the coming weeks of December. For all the vloggers this could be very exciting.

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