Upcoming Sony Xperia Phones to have Bezel-Less Display & Dual Camera Setup in 2018

    Following the trend and shifting from its current philosophy, Sony is expected to release two phones in 2018 that will be having bezel-less displays. According to recent reports of the phones is the successor to this year’s Xperia XZ Premium. There have been some leaked images on the internet which shows some interesting details about their build.

    Upcoming Sony Xperia Phones to have Bezel-Less Display & Dual Camera Setup in 2018

    Sony Xperia Phones
    Sony Xperia Phones to have Bezel-Less Display

    In the leaked images, rounded corners have been seen on one of the phones. There are negligible bezels on the device on the sides and thin bezels on the top and bottom. From what it looks like in the pictures, there are two front-firing speakers.

    The images also show that this phone is an all-metal unibody. It comes with dual cameras at the back which is placed horizontally. Right above the Xperia logo, it houses the fingerprint scanner.

    Bezel Less Display
    Bezel Less Display

    Leaked photos of Xperia smartphone features square corners, unlike the first one first one. But it is similar to the first smartphone when it comes to the dual front-firing speakers and dual cameras at the back.

    The look on this phone is very unique and interesting. There is curved matte and glossy surface at the back, with small semi-circles formed because of the matte at the top and bottom. It also houses a fingerprint sensor at the back embedded in the matte region at the back.

    Dual Camera Setup
    Sony Xperia Phones to have Dual Camera

    This phone with square corners is expected to have a 5.5-inch display and 4k resolution. Most probably it is going to be the world’s phone that will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor which was launched not many days ago.

    The phone is expected to have 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage and of course, it will Android Oreo straight out of the box. Though no one of these reports cannot be confirmed since there have been no official announcements made by Sony. It is expected that Sony will soon make the news official or let us know about the other plans they have (if any). Till then, stay tuned to get more updates on the expected Xperia bezel-less launches.

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