Walking is Earning! Sweatcoin Pays You Crypto For Your Efforts

    If losing weight isn’t the main purpose, what else could be you be motivated for running or jogging?

    Environment? Women? What else?

    This factor of being paid for walking could potentially push all your major purposes until now. As the creative start-up named Sweatcoin decided to pay those people who work out.

    Walking is Earning! Sweatcoin Pays You Crypto For Your Efforts


    There are many fitness monitoring in the market, yet, Sweatcoin managed to be favorites of some due to its typical business model. This app already has more than 10million downloads in Playstore alone and been in a trending market for a while.

    How this works!

    First, you’d be signing up for Sweatcoin as general. App link –

    Signing up includes asking your Name, allowing it to access GPS and phone number (a Phone number is crucial, as it acts as your key to the wallet. So check code before receiving OTP and verification.)

    You’ll be done upon submitting these details and can check your steps count through the app every time you go out. You’d be paid

    You’d be given a Mover plan (can earn 5 Sweatcoins for 5000steps taken). But, you can upgrade to plans like Shaker, Breaker, Quicker or Trouble Maker for rewarding more if you’re walking a lot.

    Well, even the app says being in development, it’s already available in Playstore and Appstore and even paying their coins. Trying is worth something.

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    What’s for Company in doing like this?

    That’s a general thought everyone learns why they realize they’re getting paid for free. And in here, Sweatcoin, by offering Sweatcoins, they could gain adequate their customer base by the time they hit the actual crypto markets, and the data collected from their app users is very crucial just as for other companies.

    They do sell this gathered info to those who concerned to cash themselves.

    Parties like Government and Insurance companies would need this data to assess their citizens/targeted public’s health habits. Which they could use for strategizing their plans for marketing or others.

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