Want to Change the Skyline of a City? Then Architecture Major Is for You

    If you’re fascinated by the architecture around you, you might be wondering whether it is a good idea to consider architecture as a career option. Then, congratulations! You are thinking about a profession that is highly respected across the world. 

    However, let us get one thing straight, architecture is not just about designing buildings. 

    At its core, being an architect requires a complex combination of skills – which includes creative thinking, problem-solving, and communication. Below, we will explore a few details about architecture that will help you decide if this major is right for you. 

    Do You Like Being Creative?

    Needless to say, architecture requires a decent level of creativity. After all, you do not want to design the same type of buildings for all your clients. Not to worry, academic education in architecture prepares you well for this. 

    In architecture college, you will find yourself doing different projects, spending the majority of your time working hands-on, and designing hypothetical buildings. That being said, this doesn’t mean that there are no theory papers at all. So, you might have to get paper writing help by WritePaper to keep up with the assignments while you focus on the creative side of architecture. And you will be given plenty of opportunities in college to explore your creative side. 

    Do You Like Solving Problems?

    When thinking of architecture, the first thing that comes to mind is that one has to be good with art. However, that isn’t the case. Today, there is software that can take care of the drawing and the visualisation part. 

    Instead, what you need to consider is whether you like to solve problems. For every project you design, you will be given a set of requirements and a site. On top of this, you will also have to adhere to local construction guidelines. This means that every architecture project you work on requires you to solve problems regularly. 

    In this sense, architecture can be exciting and fascinating for someone who is curious about puzzles. 

    Do You Like to Travel?

    Another interesting part of architecture is that you will need to study its history in college. For one, this means exploring ancient civilisations such as Roman, Greek, and Egyptian. You will learn how human civilisations came to be and how far we’ve come in building a society. 

    Architecture is also closely associated with the culture of the society, which is one of the reasons why the buildings are drastically different from one city to another. 

    Due to this nature, architecture comes with several opportunities to travel. This means that you will get chances to expand your horizons and explore the world. So, every time you visit a new place, you will get to immerse in the culture, thanks to being an architect. 

    Do You Wish to Make a Difference in People’s Lives?

    As an architect, you are likely to be fulfilling your client’s lifelong dream. After all, being a house owner is still considered to be one of the most important goals of our lives. 

    This means that you will be helping someone see their dreams and ideas come true. While this is indeed a big responsibility, it is also a way for you to make a positive difference in people’s lives. 

    It is not just the case with building homes; whether you are designing an office space, a shop, or even a bus stop, what you create directly impacts the people who use them. When you succeed in making your clients happy, you can be sure of the fact that you have helped them and that they will remember your contribution at all times. 

    Do You Like Collaborations?

    No architect can work as a single pillar. Even if you are handling the design part alone, you will be working with a team of engineers, builders, contractors, masons, and carpenters who are trying to convert your idea into reality. 

    This gives you a chance to work along with brilliant minds who are as passionate about architecture as you are. Together, you will be able to explore new realms in architecture and strive hard to realise a design. 

    Do You Want to Try Different Things?

    Architecture is, by no means, linear. In fact, there are several specialisations within architecture, and it is not necessary that you should focus on one. You can be an urban designer, working on the layout of a city. 

    Or, you can be a landscape architect, designing gardens, parks, and other community spaces. There is also scope to move into software, working on renders of buildings. As evident, architecture can open doors to many different career choices, from graphic design to programming. 

    For instance, you will have a chance to work with the software while also visiting sites, having meetings, and hunting for materials. Due to this diverse nature, you will never be bored as an architect. In addition to this, the field in itself is constantly evolving. What was considered amazing yesterday is old news today. Being a creative field, you also have full freedom to experiment with styles and come up with unique ideas that could be the next trend setter. 

    Do You Have Good Communication Skills?

    What many people assume about architects is that they can create what they wish. However, in most cases, there are a lot of constraints to work through. Sometimes, the client might have an entirely different idea of what they want, or there might be conflicts with the team. 

    Other times, there might be restrictions with the budget or even cultural constraints. To navigate through all this, an architect needs to have excellent communication skills. They will need to listen to the wishes of the client, as they will be those who will end up using the building. 

    This also means that you need to be patient enough to understand the wishes of the client and adjust your design strategy accordingly. You will also need to put your communications skills to use when you collaborate with other designers or builders. 

    Do You Want to Contribute to Society?

    Perhaps, most importantly, architects have a pivotal effect on communities. Whatever they are designing, be it residential complexes, schools, or entertainment centres, they affect the community directly. 

    All these structures influence how we interact with the world around us. In other words, you will be working in a field that is genuinely meaningful. After all, even after decades, we are still learning about the older civilisations through the buildings they left behind. 

    You Will See The Fruits of Your Labour

    All that being said, being an architect is not a simple job. You will find yourself working overtime to meet deadlines as well as the expectations of the client. You will continue to seek perfection, and your ideas will constantly be evolving. 

    After the project is completed, you will be looking at a real building. With the literally material nature of the work, you will be able to see the value of your work and how it is impacting everyone using it. And that’s a feeling that cannot be expressed in words, to see how people are to live or work in a space you created!


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