Weight loss: Does lemon juice with coffee help you shed kilos?

    Weight loss and management is now such a common issue that everyone wants to lose weight by following certain strategies and tactics. The recent trend is also somewhat similar to it that claims that lemon juice with coffee helps to lose weight. But it isn’t entirely true. Mixing lemon juice with coffee is percolating as a weight-loss hack or remedy. But can this combo actually help to lose weight?

    Drinking a cup of coffee with a lemon slice is often cited as a way to shed pounds. 

    No doubt, both lemon and coffee are considered best for health as they are full of nutrients and antioxidants. And have lots of other nutritional benefits, but let’s see does this lemon juice and coffee combo show any contribution in shedding weight or not. 

    Are there any benefits of this lemon juice and coffee combo?

    Both the ingredients have their own nutritional value and significance. Thus, both individually are good for health. But people nowadays are rising this lemon coffee fad, which is frankly not true. Lemon comes under one of the most consumed citrus fruits which has many medicinal properties. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, flavonoids, antioxidants, and other essential phytochemicals. Drinking lemon juice daily in the morning can certainly help to kickstart the body’s metabolism which can promote weight loss.

    Talking about coffee, it is one of the best beverages across the globe. People prefer to have it at the time of breakfast because it serves as an energy booster and mood uplifter. Caffein, its main stimulant is responsible for most of its health benefits. Some of them include: improving brain fitness, concentration power, behavior, and energy levels. Also, it suppresses the appetite which indirectly helps in shedding pounds.

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    The combination can be best when considered as a pre-workout drink but there are no noticeable features that tell that this combination helps in promoting weight loss. With benefits, there are many risks and issues involved, lemon juice or coffee might not be best for all. It can cause heartburn because the presence of citric acid and high consumption of coffee can lead to insomnia. But these both contain plant beneficial ingredients which have cancer-curing effects and might also help in heart ailments. Above all both the ingredients all slightly low in calories and keep the body hydrated for a longer time. 

    Is lemon juice with coffee worth trying? 

    People often look at just one thing or hack that can help to lose weight without breaking any sweat, because of this there are high chances that people often get fall for such misconceptions or fake trends. Individuals who gained excess fat are more likely to be believing in such trends in order to lose weight in some weeks.

    But according to health experts and professionals, mixing lemon justice and coffee has no proof and solid scientific evidence that shows that it is a better option in terms of weight loss drinks. Though both lemon and coffee might help in firing up the metabolism which can indirectly promote weight loss and smoothens the weight loss journey. This content gives deep insight on whether to believe this misconception trend or not. Thus, it can be concluded that the lemon juice and coffee combo as a whole isn’t a good fit when looking for a weight-loss choice. This drink does not assure that one can easily lose visceral fat just by drinking this drink in the morning. Frankly, it’s a myth. One can simply go for other proven options. 

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    Downsides of lemon water with coffee 

    There are some downsides too of this combination which are not often discussed. It is stated that coffee drinks may also become addicted to caffeine which can result in insomnia, restlessness and also increase the risk of pregnancy loss. As everyone’s body is different thus, has a different effect on each and every ingredient. Like lemon water intake can sometimes lead to enamel erosion in some people and allergies in some rare cases. 


    Both lemon juice or water and coffee serve a wide range of numerous benefits due to their antioxidants and essential nutrient content. But in spite of that, there are no legal pieces of evidence that claim that lemon juice and coffee can melt the fat or shed kilos by drinking it daily. There are many unreliable trends that often get viral on social media that do not have any relevance or confirmation. Therefore, trusting only reliable sources is important to not to get misguided. Apart from this, there are many other proven options available to lose weight easily. Losing weight is really a very tedious process and requires a lot of effort and patients. Therefore, inculcating natural and proven ways is a much better option above all.

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