What does PPC Advertising Involve?

    You might have heard about PPC, but like many acronyms that are floating about the internet, the actual meaning of what PPC is might not have actually registered. The PPC in PPC advertising actually stands for pay-per-click and is one of the most popular forms of internet marketing available today. PPC advertising basically involves business owners taking out advertisements on search engines or social media, but they only have to actually pay for the ad when people click on their advertisement – and even then, it’s usually only a small fee. There’s a lot more involved in this tried and true form of advertising, however – in this article, we take a look at what PPC advertising is all about.

    Getting started with PPC

    Agencies that specialize in PPC management – in Brisbane, Sydney, or anywhere else – will typically approach PPC in the same way for their clients. The overall goal is usually to create more visibility by buying visitors with targeted advertising, which brings welcome fresh traffic – this is important because finding organic traffic reliably can often be a struggle for all kinds of businesses. One of the best things about PPC ads is that they’re usually far from obtrusive. These ads are usually the advertisements that sit on the top of Google’s search engine, or in the sidebars of Facebook’s news feed – they can even appear in emails you receive!

    It isn’t the goal of advertisers to hoodwink, though, so you’ll usually see that the advertisement is labeled is such – look for an “ad” label somewhere on the entry. So, how does a business get involved with something like PPC advertising? It’s actually quite easy – big search engine providers like Google and Bing actually provide PPC as a service for businesses. To create their perfect ad, businesses will need to use something like Google AdWords to bid on words or phrases that are directly related to the product or service you’re wanting to advertise. The more competitive the keyword is, the more expensive the cost.

    How do businesses create valuable PPC campaigns?

    Not all PPC campaigns are created equal. To think about it in very general terms, a PPC campaign can be considered successful if a business ends up with a profit after its advertisement spend. For instance, if a customer arrives on the website through a $4 ad on Google and they spend $80 in one transaction, the net profit would mean that the ad is a success! To create a good advertisement in the first place, businesses will need to have a good understanding of a few key things. These include knowledge of the target audience, understanding of relevant keywords, high-quality ad copy, and a landing page that is also attractive and effective.

    After all, what’s the point of creating great ads when you have a terrible website? To kick it all off, you should know your audience inside and out. This means more than their basic shopping habits, and information about their ages and location will help a great deal in Google advertising to these specific individuals, rather than people who are completely unrelated to your ad.

    Where do I get the right keywords?

    The last thing you’ll need to be aware of is the right keywords to be used to target your audience. Generally, keyword research involves the discovery of groups of keywords and phrases related to your industry or business. Start out with brainstorming keywords that you might think are relevant (such as words that potential customers might be searching for). If you’re stuck on this step, doing some research by seeing what Google suggests when you type certain words can help a great deal!

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