What Gamer Can Collect Except Games

    Most people think gamers only love collecting games because they spend most of their time gaming, but this is not the case as there are a lot of things gamers can collect other than games, and we are going to talk about some of the things that can be managed. It’s also quite challenging to know what gamers love other than games making it hard to buy a gamer a gift. This article will focus on various things, from practical gear for dedicated players to funky throwbacks for old-school arcade lovers. Since some gamers love smoking some weed as they play, one of the things they can end up collecting is magnetic rolling trays so that they can keep their stations clean as they enjoy their smoke. 

    Some of the things that gamers collect include;

    1.Audio gear 

    Gamers who enjoy gaming on a TV and want to experience the sound while playing without putting on headsets will love having audio gear. The best audio gear a gamer can collect is the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass, one of the most affordable audio gear any gamer can purchase for themselves. This particular bar has more precise voice reproduction and a deeper bass too. Moreover, it produces impressive wraparound audio that feels close to surround sound.  It also has a remote that allows for only subwoofer adjustments. 

    2.A controller 

    Any gamer who loves gaming anywhere and anytime would definitely want to collect the best controller they can get their hands on. If you have an iPhone, you should contact the backbone one controller as it is comfortable to play as any PlayStation or Xbox controller, and this is a fantastic thing to have if you mostly play games on your phone. The backbone controller has all features you can easily find on any modern controller and buttons for recording gameplay. In addition, the backbone controllers connect to jones through the lightning port, so you don’t have to click Bluetooth. However, if you have an iPhone 13, you must get a special adapter. 

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    3.A heroic gaming mouse 

    Having a gaming mouse means you will have faster response times and better precision, making it the best item for a gamer to collect. The best heroic gaming mouse to order is the Logitech G502 hero since it’s comfortable for most hand sizes and grip styles and offers you plenty of buttons, fantastic build quality, and adjustable weights. It also has lighting on the DPI indicator and logo that can be customized to suit any player’s style.  

    4.Flashy keyboard 

    Flashy keyboards are also things that most games like to collect, and if you haven’t ordered one for yourself, then this is the time to do so. Investing in a good gaming keyboard is an upgrade that will allow you to take advantage of customizable backlighting, a more-ergonomic design, and macro keys that you can program to carry out any keystroke sequence with the click of one button. Of course, the best keyboard to collect is the hyper alloy origins core. 

    5.A Pikachu wallet 

    Loungefly licenses multiple pop-culture brands and turns them into cute and clever bags and accessories. For example, Loungefly came up with a great Pikachu wallet that goes well with any aesthetic. The wallet snaps closed and has a lot of room for cards and IDs and a small zip pocket for percent receipts and coins from falling off. It’s also made of vegan leather. 

    6.A video game Christmas sweater 

    Collecting a Christmas video game sweater of your favorite video game for yourself and your friend can be unique. If you’re a nineties person and have played video games since then, a video-game sweater is something you will love to own. If this is something you would love to hold, you could buy an official street fighter Christmas jumper. You could also look for more options that favor your style and collect as many sweaters as possible.

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    As a gamer, there are so many things you can collect other than games, and in this article, we have given you an idea of what you can collect other than games alone. As a gamer with no idea what to collect, look into this article for some ideas. 

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