What is a breakeven point in betting?

    Breakeven odds in betting are seldom used by bettors, even though even beginners should know the ropes The breakeven ratio is the minimum market value at which a player cannot make a profit, but also not go into deficit over a long distance of betting.

    After getting acquainted with this strategy, you can take advantage of it and place bets accordingly. If you get the hang of the break-even strategy, you can make a tidy sum. Betwinner will make your pipe dream come true in two shakes. This bookmaker won’t leave you nonchalant. You need to make a Betwinner download, register, verify your account, and start betting. Place your best foot forward and do not waste your time.

    As you have probably realized, you should bet on those markets where the value of the betting odds is higher than the breakeven ratio. If it’s lower, you too can win a bet or even five bets in a row, but on a long stretch of bets, your bank will still decrease.

    If the market value is higher than the breakeven ratio, then the bet is a walkaway bet. Looking for the breakeven ratio value can be done in various ways, but the easiest way to do it is with the help of ordinary mathematics. It requires only one condition: a large sample of events.

    How to find a break-even ratio?

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    To find the break-even ratio for a given game as a whole, you need to take the maximum value. All odds that are higher than this value, in theory, should be profitable at a distance.

    But at the same time, it is necessary to take into account that there should not be large deviations from the average values of the coefficient. For example, if bets with odds of 1.40 will go in and bets with higher odds will lose, then you will not be able to break even.

    However, the bettors who are trying to make money from betting need strict statistical reporting. Here are a few rules that must be followed:

    • Discipline. The finances you invest in sports betting should be accounted for in reporting. Avoid reckless betting and playing for the whole pot. Do not try to win back, if there was a series of failures. You have to decide on the percentage of the bank or the amounts you can afford to lose.
    • Strategy. Chaos is an unacceptable action in betting. You have to decide on what strategy you’ll play for the long haul. The systematic approach includes betting amounts, odds, analysis of the event and teams, and advanced statistics.
    • Accounting for bets. Record all bets that you make with the bookie. Whatever the result, do not forget to keep a strict record of them.

    Don’t be squeamish about information about events. Most important in financial reporting is how much money you won and lost in each bet. The type of bets, events, tournaments, dates, names of teams and athletes, odds, final results of events – all of this does not have to be recorded in the report. Perhaps, this data will allow you to adjust your strategy, but in most cases, you will hardly need it.


    A breakeven point is a basic statistical indicator for the beginner in sports betting. This parameter is a necessary percentage of winning bets for getting to zero, taking into account the average odds of bets made.

    The definition of a break-even point is not only characteristic of betting. The concept of break-even is found in almost all spheres. Beginning bettors discount this important concept. As a result, betting on sports turns into a roller coaster ride, characterized by sharp ups and downs in the predictor’s profitability.

    We only consider statistics when calculating, but other factors may also interfere with the result. Therefore you should bet only if the odds of the bookmaker’s office are an order of magnitude higher than the breakeven odds.

    The calculation of the break-even point is an important parameter when defining a strategy, which is often not even paid attention to by the bettors. The break-even point will help you in sports betting, especially if you are betting on approximately the same odds over a long distance. A break-even point will help you avoid major financial losses and allow you to analyze your betting actions.


    Why do I need to keep track of statistics?

    In case sports betting is a way for you to get emotion and enjoyment, then statistical data is not what you need. But even in such cases, it is advisable to keep records of bets made. At the very least, this will help you save your hard-earned money.

    How to calculate a breakeven point?

    To calculate the break-even point, you need to enter the odds on which the bettor is going to bet. The bookmaker’s calculator will calculate the percentage of the betting passability to play to zero. In addition, the break-even point calculator will calculate the desired walk-through for a given percentage of return on investment (ROI).

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