What is a Parcel Locker, and How can it Help Your Business?

    Parcel lockers are stand-up lockers where packages can be securely stored after delivery until the recipient can collect them. Packages that do not fit in standard mailboxes are perfect for parcel lockers. Couriers and USPS postal workers usually have easy access to parcel lockers located in shared spaces. 

    Although Internet has led to a reduction in the volume of certain types of mail, it has also encouraged the growth of others. The size, shape, and volume of mail items and the times they are received have changed substantially in recent years.

    How Do Parcel Lockers Work?

    Even though there are some key differences in user experience, electronic and traditional parcel lockers work similarly. No matter the type of locker, the process generally consists of three steps:

    1. Delivery

    When a USPS employee or other package delivery person arrives, they will use the master key or code given by the property manager to open the compartment. After the package is placed in the parcel locker unit, the employee locks it. The delivery mail carrier will then choose a recipient.

    2. Notification

    The recipient of electronic parcel locker services will be automatically notified by email, text message, or app. Only the recipient will be able to open the parcel locker and retrieve their package using the code on the notification.

    USPS mail carriers will, however, leave a numbered key in the recipient’s assigned mailbox when they deliver to a traditional parcel locker. In this case, the recipient can locate the package by matching the locker number with the parcel.

    3. Collection

    The recipient must first receive or collect the access code or key from their unit to locate the parcel locker. They can enter their PIN in an electronic locker or use their phone’s barcode scanner to gain access. If not, the package will be retrieved using a key.

    What Are the Benefits of Parcel Lockers?

    Delivery Assurance

    There’s nothing more frustrating than having to drive across town to pick up a package.

    Using a parcel locker service means you won’t have to go back to the post office ever again. Just open the locker nearest you, and your package will be ready to pick up. Getting your package on time is seamless and straightforward with this service.

    Secure Storage

    Even in ‘safe’ neighborhoods, leaving sensitive items on your porch or behind your trash can is not ideal. It’s far safer to use a parcel locker, especially if you’re not the type to check your mail every day.

    Secure storage units come in many shapes and sizes. USPS-approved parcel lockers feature sturdy designs and robust locks. These lockers are equipped with video surveillance systems.

    For university lockers, this approach is highly cardinal. As students carry increasingly valuable items like expensive phones and computers, sporting equipment, class projects, and portfolios, having a connected, effortless way to ensure that these items are safe throughout the day is of prime importance.

    Self Service

    A post office only lets you pick up items during its hours of operation. Unlike a parcel locker, a safe deposit box can be accessed day or night with your key or access card. 

    Time and Certainty

    Both postal workers and property managers save countless hours with parcel lockers. Shippers and postal workers can manage parcel deliveries in just one location, while recipients can receive their deliveries 24/7 through the flexible delivery option. Package recipients can also be assured of receiving their packages on time.

    Streamlined Operations

    When using an intelligent locker solution, you don’t have to use manual processes to manage assets and deliver inbound packages. Simple tracking dashboards and live reports can replace spreadsheets and scheduled audits. By automating the process of tracking individual packages and assets and logging usage data, smart lockers save a great deal of time and effort.

    Smart lockers also reduce operational time and resources by routing packages to the rightful recipients and making shared assets available when needed. Access to pick up packages and request, retrieve and return purchases is given to authorized users. Using real-time alerts and automatic notifications, staff does not have to spend time hunting down package recipients or unreturned items.


    Additionally, installing a parcel locker at your property or workplace will help both you and your business cut costs. Sorting and managing deliveries take valuable time away from critical tasks for your property management staff and receptionists.

    A package that gets damaged by a building tenant is likely to be blamed on your team. Keeping packages in a parcel locker, on the other hand, will reduce your liability while saving you and your staff time and money.

    Additionally, the USPS has identified parcel lockers and CBUs as economical ways of cutting delivery costs and has mandated the installation of centralized delivery options in developments and apartment complexes across the country.

    Parcel Locker – An Essential Equipment for Your Business 

    The logistics of the mailroom aren’t always considered, but going without parcel lockers can cause multiple problems. 

    • Increased Revenue: Lockers encourage customers to shop at your store more often. They’ll make micro-purchases which will boost your profitability.
    • Data Analytics: Analytics can help businesses streamline their delivery systems and improve where needed.
    • Ensure Inventory Accuracy: Lockers give companies greater control over inventory by removing the middleman. Immediately after purchasing an item online, mark it off and place it in the locker.
    • Customer Loyalty: Customer satisfaction and ease of picking up purchases are key factors.

    Bottom Line

    Communication and purchases of luxury and everyday items have drastically changed in recent years. Businesses have been hit harder than private addresses over the past few years, so there is arguably a need for more significant changes to help manage the impact. Businesses can reduce the likelihood of further growth in post volumes placing additional demands on staff and processes by installing parcel lockers.   

    Businesses across a broad spectrum of industries opt for smart lockers for asset management and parcel delivery. Smart lockers make it simple to process mail, share resources, establish health and safety protocols, or meet the heightened expectations of staff and customers in a 24/7 on-demand world.

    Intelligent locker solutions address today’s challenges and prepare organizations for an increasingly changing world.

    Another smart solution would be to make use of package receiving services in NYC like missing package USPS  by Stowfly. These facilities with an alternate address accept packages on your behalf and safekeep them until you wish to pick it up from them.


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