WhatsApp Business Apk Download For Android

    Just when we thought that WhatsApp team reached their saturation with providing updates just for their one app, they released Business version of WhatsApp (Beta). It already received a lot of appreciation for their work in this app as everyone is as impressed as they were with the first one. Now let us look into detail to see what the team has done. So in ths article you will get Whatsapp Business Apk Download For Android.

    WhatsApp Business Apk

    What is WhatsApp Business?

    • It is a boon for existing business owners as it provides them with all the necessities that they wanted. There are shopkeepers that use WhatsApp to stay in touch with their customers like letting the customers know the launch of new products or updating them about the details of the order etc.

    To make this process a little more efficient and genuine WhatsApp has introduced this Application WhatsApp Business.

    • It identifies you as the owner of a legit business and helps the user with their business by marketing their product and managing their business.
    • It’s currently in its initial stages of testing, signing up to this Application gives you a chance to develop a business profile like shown in the picture. This profile contains the regular Information a customer is willing to check before they make the purchase which includes details like address, store timings, website, and contact numbers.
    • Here, you also need to select from a given list of options the nature of your business.

    Why WhatsApp Business when already WhatsApp is there?

    • Earlier people would have to manage their stores using the same personal WhatsApp number, but now enter WhatsApp business and this problem disappears. This Application basically works just like a reception desk for your storefront and it doesn’t stop there as it does more like providing Business profiles, Statistics, Auto reply options and so on.
    • Remember the times when you had to manage your personal WhatsApp with your business and it was hard to manage both at the same time.
    • Now you can use your Personal WhatsApp and as well as your Business WhatsApp on the same mobile device and handle them separately.
    • This Application lets you Schedule replies for frequently asked questions or Greetings for new or returning customers.
    • Say after placing the Order you want your customer to receive updates on how the order is proceeding, forget all the expensive text message plans with WhatsApp business you can do that over your internet connection and this is hassle-free as your customer would get all their updates under one application and saves a load of work at your end.
    • An example with a Bakery is showing as a customer is placing his order and gets feedback on how the cake should be customized in real time instead of waiting for a call or visiting the store by yourself.
    • Now, what makes WhatsApp Business special is that it has an auto-reply feature. Imagine how many times a customer would have called you and you wouldn’t have picked or worse your store was closed. WhatsApp Business handles such cases by sending auto generated replies that ask the customer to call them back or to expect a call during the store timing periods doing the job of an automated message.
    WhatsApp Business Apk
    WhatsApp Business Apk
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    Features of WhatsApp Business:

    This would provide a lot of conversation rate for Businesses that depend on lead conversion as it makes sure of an extra step before the customer goes out to the competitor.

    Here, is an example of how the Bakery handles a customer who has called out of their store timings by replying that the owner would return their call first thing next morning.

    This is done with two kinds of Messages that can be customized:

    Automated Messages – These can be the normal frequently asked questions that a storefront would receive like enquiring about the timings of the store, list of services the store offers etc. These could be customized by the owner accordingly to their preference.

    Away Messages – These messages are kind of automated replies that a customer would get when the business is closed for the day or a holiday. Again, being customizable these are set according to the Owners preference.

    Expectations and the team’s plan:

    • Apparently, WhatsApp Business is also reputedly testing out a feature where you could call a business at their landline. Now, this normally doesn’t happen as WhatsApp works only with mobile numbers. But, if this works things could be better than imagined.
    • WhatsApp is planning to implement this Business APK with small-scale testers and then plans to roll out to different large-scale companies that need to keep their customers updated as that ofAmazon, like proving their customers with details of their order and their shipping status as their package is shipped.
    • This in real time could be hassle-free for the provider as well as the customer as personally, I wouldn’t have to open a different application to know the statues of the item I purchased yesterday.
    • Further, with tweaks, the functionalities could be improved much more that would provide customers with deal updates they would like to receive or say receive updates of the items that are being shipped to my house in Realtime.
    • Sometimes this feature can also be used to spam a customer but WhatsApp Business just like WhatsApp allows the customer to block a particular number if one starts to feel they are spammed with offers they aren’t interested in.

    What’s New in WhatsApp Business?

    • The last thing WhatsApp Business is notable for is this provides with analytics to the owner. Analytics means everything in this world where you need to know the numbers to crunch out the profits and to compare yourself from the competition and stand out.
    • Analytics here include Messages sent, Messages received, messages read, messages delivered for now.
    • This list will definitely be expanded as the test group is now limited to a few and all the features are being tested.
    • All these features seem really handy to a small-scale business owner. The addition of landline support if true could be a game changer as it has the potential to change the whole advertising game and remove competitors like Justdial etc. out of the equation. Though WhatsApp Business has a long way to go before everything is perfected like adding more functionalities like better analytics, better scheduling and more useful features in the future.
    • Currently, the file is up for download but you won’t be able to download it unless you have signed up as a developer.

    Screenshots of WhatsApp Business:

    How to Install WhatsApp Business Apk:

    • Download the latest version of WhatsApp Business APK v0.0.66 for Android from the link given below.
    • Go to Settings Security and Enable “Unknown Resources”.
    • Locate the APK file on your file manager app and Tap on it to begin the installation.
    • Wait for the installation to finish.
    • Launch WhatsApp Business App.
    • You will be asked to enter your phone number. An OTP will be sent for verification.
    • Once you verify your phone number, if you have your previous messages backed up WhatsApp Business will ask you to restore the backup. You can either proceed with restoring or skip the process.
    • WhatsApp Business is ready to use now.

    Download WhatsApp Business Apk:

       Download WhatsApp Business Apk

    ( Link 1 Latest Version 0.0.66 )

       Download WhatsApp Business Apk

    Download Latest Version from PlayStore )

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our WhatsApp Business Apk 2017, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share WhatsApp Business Apk Download For Android with your friends. Let them get the benefits in their business.

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