WhatsApp Gold Apk Gold Edition Mod

    Hello, WhatsApp lovers! You may be using an original version of WhatsApp for a very long time. Since it is a very popular and user-friendly android messaging app. Its popularity is at the par among all other messaging apps available in the market. But, though it has some limitations amongst itself.

    Maybe, you have noticed that or not as per your needs. Most of the people are surely facing some problems with that limitations. Some of them may include, sending a limited selection of images at a time, sending up to certain MB’s of videos at once, etc. But, that doesn’t mean you have to deal with such restrictions as long. Yes, you heard it seems right. Well, you arrived at the right place. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to download WhatsApp Gold Apk Gold Edition Mod and completely overcome that restriction.

    Yes, you will not have to worry about any restrictions on sending data, images, and any of the previous restrictions. You can seamlessly enjoy the new updated WhatsApp Gold Edition for free. It is similar to the regular WhatsApp along with some additional features which have made it a better option. It should be tried by every android user without any compatibility issue.

    WhatsApp Gold Apk Gold Edition Mod

    WhatsApp Gold Apk Gold Edition Mod

    Though, recently WhatsApp Gold has been in the talks of scam and what not, being said that it was not at all safe. But, somehow some developers managed to make it a trusted and a safe one. As you might know that WhatsApp Gold is the best altered WhatsApp version among other versions of WhatsApp such as GbWhatsApp or OgWhatsApp. Further, there may be some features in the ordinary WhatsApp which you don’t require at all. You can hide or disable that features in this version of WhatsApp Gold Edition. You can even hide the call button, which by mistake from some users gets pressed sometimes. Eventually, the Gold Edition is a pack of all other modified WhatsApp version.

    WhatsApp Gold Apk
    WhatsApp Gold Apk
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    Features of WhatsApp Gold Edition Mod APK:

    WhatsApp Gold Mod APK is extremely awesome looking and has a very excellent interface. It is available with more than 100 themes which can be easily chosen and you can select them easily. It is extremely super-fast, simple, free and secure. Some of the amazing features of this Gold Edition may include: –

    • You can send unlimited images at once – at a time you can send more than 10 images. On the original version of WhatsApp, you have a limit of sending only certain images at a time.
    • You will get an instant sound notification, on sending a message to someone instantly.
    • You can hide the call button.
    • Added twist when someone is typing for you.
    • SMS verification error fixed.
    • You can disable the voice note.
    • You can disable the voice call.
    • Themes can be easily found and get easily installed.
    • Emojis of iOS 9 and Marshmallow are being added.
    • Save themes and reuse later on other WhatsApp modified editions.
    • Image sent by someone can be previewed before downloading the images.
    • You can send high definition images, without having your images compressed anymore.
    • You can get the feature of changing the font text size.
    • Different interface for Contact.
    • Different interface for Status.
    • It comes with a new application icon.
    • Comes with new customized chat wallpaper.
    • Comes with new attachment icon.
    • No one can get banned using the gold edition of WhatsApp.
    • It supports voice calls via the internet.
    • You can change your last seen options.
    • You can get multiple privacy options.
    • Counter statistics for groups.
    • Play the media while loading continues.
    • You can send videos up to 5 GB instead of 16MB.
    • Old UI is also available for use.
    • Much more amazing features are also available in this Gold Edition which lacks in ordinary WhatsApp functions. It’s only available in Gold version.

    What’s New in WhatsApp Gold Apk:

    • Whatsapp New Look
    • Add Option to change header in Conversations between Old Ul & Call Ul
    • New Font Style Added Different Look
    • Added Option to convert the colour of the contact and message of the White name in conversations
    • Change the Emoji colour
    • Image/Video preview without download
    • FAB added
    • Bold Name contact in Chat
    • Send video to size 5 GB instead of 20 MB
    • Added Option to Hide/Show FAB (Floating action button)
    • Optimized the features according to your choice
    • Send unlimited images at once

    Some Highlights of this WhatsApp Gold Apk Latest version: –

    After being the theme applied, you have to restart the application, so make sure that you have already sent the message if it was kept in the conversation block of someone.

    The themes have extremely small sizes, so you do not have to worry about extra data getting consumed. Themes are approximately below 1 MB and you will definitely love to use WhatsApp more than you do previously.

    Dark theme for settings is that the white space gets turned into a black one. This is a most attractive feature for the ones who extremely love the dark theme or those who use WhatsApp at night time mostly. It also helps to get your eyes less strained though. There are many more new options which you can explore yourself though.

    How to Download & Install WhatsApp Gold Apk 2019

    • Firstly, install the original WhatsApp from the PlayStore.
    • Chat with your friends and then take a backup of all your chats through Settings->Chats and Calls->Chat Backup.
    • Now, you can uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone.
    • Now, download the WhatsApp Gold APK from the link provided below.
    • Verify your credentials such as your mobile number and then restore then chat backup.
    • Now, it’s up to you if you want to install another WhatsApp account. You can do so simply by installing WhatsApp application from the PlayStore.

    Screenshots of WhatsApp Gold Apk 2019:


    If you are looking for the golden WhatsApp plus download for your Android, I firmly believe, it will provide great facilities for you. After downloading the Android apps, you must want to have one. You can have the one from here.

       Download WhatsApp Gold Apk v6.0

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our WhatsApp Gold Apk 2019, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share WhatsApp Gold Apk Gold Edition Mod with your friends. Let them get the fun of WhatsApp gold theme.

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