Whiplash symptoms after a collision

    Most accidents resulting in injury occur as a result of a collision. This can involve a frontal car collision, but also a rear-end collision. Unfortunately, this type of accident, such as a chain collision (In Dutch: kettingbotsing) often leads to whiplash injuries.

    A chain or head-to-tail collision can have serious consequences for you. Not only personally, but also financially. Especially with whiplash there can be long-lasting whiplash symptoms (in Dutch: whiplash symptomen). But what are these whiplash complaints and what damage items are reimbursed by the liable insurer in the event of personal injury?

    What are whiplash symptoms?

    We speak of a pile-up when at least 3 cars are involved in the rear-end collision. When only 2 cars are behind each other, this is called a rear-end collision.

    In a rear-end collision, the neck is thrown back and forth at high speed, as it were. The force of this blow can cause injury to your neck. This injury to the neck is called whiplash or Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD).

    When we talk about whiplash, many people immediately think of neck pain and that is a logical thought. But did you know that there are many more whiplash symptoms than neck pain alone? In practice, our personal injury lawyers mainly see the following whiplash complaints:

    – Neck pain

    – Shoulder complaints

    – Headache complaints

    – Forgetfulness

    – Concentration problems

    In addition to these main symptoms of whiplash, there are many more symptoms of whiplash. We often hear that people suffer from tingling in the fingers and hands. But whiplash complaints such as back pain, vision problems and fatigue are also common. Whiplash can even result in depressive symptoms and the accident itself can cause anxiety symptoms such as traffic anxiety or other psychological complaints.

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    What damage items are reimbursed in the event of personal injury

    If there are whiplash symptoms as a result of an accident, you may be able to hold the other party liable for your personal injury. But what does personal injury consist of and what amounts of personal injury can you claim after an accident?

    Personal injury consists of all material damage and compensation for damages. Material damage includes all costs incurred. Examples of costs from which reimbursement can be claimed are medical costs, costs incurred in hospital, costs for help in the household and further travel costs, costs for childcare and costs incurred for maintenance of a house and garden because this is no longer possible due to the accident. .

    In addition to these costs, there is also a right to compensation for other personal injury, such as loss of income or damage suffered as a result of a study delay.


    In addition to all damage that you can suffer as a result of a collision, you are also entitled to compensation. This is a compensation for all damage that cannot be valued in money. Think of pain complaints, these cannot be valued on money, but they are the result of the accident. That is why you are entitled to compensation for your pain complaints. In addition, compensation for damages is a compensation for psychological complaints such as traffic anxiety. Finally, compensation for disfiguring scars, anger, sadness and frustration also falls under the compensation for damages.

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