Who would you put your money on: a good team player or someone who prefers to work independently?

    There are all kinds of people around, some prefer to work together as a team while others like to work solo.  Understanding how personality characteristics can impact your office and will help you when it comes to hiring the most suitable people for the job.   It can also make a difference when it comes to playing for those Playcroco no deposit bonus codes.

    Being a team player

    Team players are those that really enjoy working as part of a team and would choose to work with others rather than alone on tasks and projects.

    Characteristics of a team player

    • Team players choose to work as part of a group of people rather than working solo.
    • Team players enjoy the collaboration and brainstorming that comes with working in groups.
    • Team players are more likely to take an active role in meetings and to contribute and see the merit of these team meetings.
    • Team players prefer working with others and do not enjoy working alone for extended periods.

    Working with team players

    Team players often have specific strengths and are usually very good when it comes to collaborating or communicating.   The following can be true for team players….

    When it comes to on the job training, team players are very likely to prefer discussing and talking about new ideas and projects in a group setting, rather than independently.

    It will be useful to employ shadowing in the training process as team players will gain a lot from watching how others work and being able to ask questions and discuss the different steps involved.

    Motivating team players

    Team players like to be part of the group process so look for ways to have them collaborate. Make sure they are involved in shared projects or relevant business meetings and are approached for their opinion and views concerning the project on which they are working.

    Make sure that your work space allows for team players to feel part of the team.  It is not a good idea to physically isolate team players in the office.   Team players need to collaborate and join in so there needs to be a space that is readily available for a group to meet and discuss when necessary.

    A team player as an employee and how to give them ‘feedback’ on their work

    Team players often contribute a lot to the group making sure that the group meets all of its goals and ensures that others accomplish what they set out to do.  It is very important that team players are recognized for all that they strive to do for the group.

    Some team players may actually find it difficult to make steps and move forward without the support of the group.  However, if you require as an employer for your workers to be able to move forward on their own, then this must be made clear.

    The opposite of a team player is someone who likes to go solo, the independent worker.

    A person who likes to work independently is someone who like to do things alone.   This does not necessarily mean that they can’t work in a team but that they prefer to work alone and do their best work alone rather than in a group setting.

    Personality traits of a person who likes to work independently:

    • Likes projects that enable them to work alone
    • Generally, those people who just get stuck into the project and push forward with it.
    • People who rely on themselves to get the work done. Rather than drawing others in to the project
    • Solo workers tend to spend time alone, enjoying their space in order to focus

    Working with an independent worker

    Understanding the specific strengths of independent workers will be very beneficial to them and to the employer.

    Training an independent worker

    Make sure that the independent worker has all they need in order to fulfil the task alone. Many people absorb information better if they have the time to think about it and reflect on before they actually go over the material with somebody else.

    Independent workers may also become frustrated if they are involved in a group training situation, as they may feel “locked in” to the pace of the group so best to keep these sessions on the shorter side.

    What will motivate an independent worker?

    Independent workers are usually very happy to “manage themselves” and usually need very little outside involvement.  If, as an employer, you see that your independent worker is performing well on their own, it would be good to acknowledge this by providing them with the space to work on their own without feeling that they are being constantly watched.

    If it is possible for employees to work remotely, from home, it may well be worth considering this option for independent workers. Some people really like working from home on a regular basis whilst some like to work remotely but only occasionally, if for example, a deadline needs to be reached.    Make sure as an employer, that you know who your workers are and how they work best, on their own or with others.

    Giving feedback to independent workers

    It would be good to remember that independent workers who are high performers will not be open to being micromanaged.  It is better to give feedback at the end of the project, the end results, rather than during the work process.  High performing independent workers know they are good at what they do and will appreciate working without interference.

    It is possible that a problem would be better fixed by some other member of the team even though the independent worker is trying to deal with it on their own.  It is useful for employers to provide feedback on when, how and who to go to for help when needed.

    Team player or independent worker?

    Whether you like to work in a team or solo is really a matter of style.  The important thing is that you perform your tasks well, alone or with others. Some particular jobs may require the team whilst others do not.

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