Why Chiropractors Find EHR Software Invaluable

    Just like other health providers, chiropractic care has been given a dramatic shove into the future with the use of electronic health records (EHRs). While some clinics may not have been quite ready to take the plunge, most offices have made the transition to chiropractic EHR software. 

    Anything new can be challenging, especially when it involves software. What chiropractors have found is that their chiropractic EHR software has proven to be an invaluable source of efficiency. Now that they have made the leap, they love it. Chiropractic EHR software is transforming their business and the way they see patients. Here’s why it’s so invaluable. 

    Comprehensive Picture of Patient Care

    Chiropractic EHR software like Turncloud offers a comprehensive view of patient care in that office from start to finish. The chiropractor can see everything on the patient care continuum right there at their fingertips without needing to excuse themselves to read charts. Chiropractic EHR software allows them to see the SOAP notes, chief complaints from every visit and all the notes in between for a more holistic view of the patient. 

    Chiropractors love the holistic patient view. Most operate to achieve patient homeostasis where all the systems in the body are working together efficiently. Chiropractic EHR software allows them to run their offices the same way, smoothly and efficiently. This works from scheduling to patient notes and billing, chiropractic EHR software makes it better. 

    Workflows Are Streamlined

    Chiropractic EHR software practically eliminates the need for paperwork leaving staff more time to focus on patient care. Referrals and prescriptions can be sent electronically at the push of a button, so there’s no wait time. Appointment wait times are dramatically reduced and automatic reminders can be sent to patients before they arrive or when it’s time for a check-up. Coding is cleaner so there are less rejections due to human error increasing revenue cycle management. 

    Patient billing and tracking allow for continuous data collection relevant to visits for a complete patient chart that isn’t missing information. Aggregated patient data provides powerful reports and chiropractic EHR software analyzes all the data. Workflows are streamlined and efficient from administrative staff to clinicians. 

    Reduced Overhead Costs

    The power of chiropractic EHR records allows chiropractic health providers to enjoy much lower overhead costs than their non-digital counterparts. Digital records and communications can significantly reduce administrative costs, eliminating the need to use transcripts and store physical charts. 

    Claims management and patient health plans are available at the push of a button with chiropractic EHR software. Communication time is faster and more efficient care coordination between staff can operate at its full potential.

    Chiropractic EHR Software Improves Patient Care

    The integration of chiropractic EHR software allows chiropractors to operate more efficiently and effectively, providing top-notch patient care across the board. It eliminates the use of items that take the focus off patient care allowing chiropractors to do what they do best. Chiropractic EHR software streamlines the workflow, reduces overhead costs, and gives chiropractors a better comprehensive view of the patient care continuum. Chiropractors find EHR software invaluable because it improves the way their office runs, and it improves patient care tremendously.

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