Why choose LED for Parking lot light? What are their benefits?

    The lighting in your parking lot is a vital element of your business’s infrastructure. Lights contribute to your business in safety of your facility, its workers, and its visitors. As a result, your lighting installation should be purposely designed. There are laws and regulations governing the installation of lights on your property, and failing to follow them might result in penalties.

    The look of your parking lot lighting says quite a lot regarding your company and may have a great impact on a potential client’s initial impression. Lights or signs that are dim, filthy, or burned out do not indicate that your firm is a wonderful location to conduct business. The protection of your business, clients, and staff is also enhanced by parking lot lighting.

    Traditional Lightning issues can remove by using LED parking lot light

    All HID (High intensity discharge) lights have some intrinsic features that might cause problems for people in charge of an organization’s or facility’s external lighting.

    High Energy Cost:  If you use HID lamps or traditional bulbs the wattages of common lamps and bulbs used in a parking structure and outdoor light fixtures vary from 100 to 1000 watts. The greater the wattage, the more light is produced.

    What current wattages are used depends on the purpose of the area to be lit, as well as the amount, spacing, and hanging height of the poles and fixtures. A 400w or 1000w HID lamp, which were fairly popular wattages for parking and outdoor lighting, may cost up to $200 in addition to $525 in power expenses per bulb, and as per your area, each year.

    High Maintenance Cost: For exterior lighting applications like parking and area light fixtures, maintenance costs are sometimes a major problem in the case of HID. In addition to the possible bulb lifetime problems, changing out a lamp on parking usually necessitates the use of a bucket truck or lift because they are generally mounted on poles that are over 15 feet high.

    Because many buildings and institutions lack a bucket truck or lift, they must engage an outside contractor to keep these devices in good working order. So over course of years, these costs may mount up.

    So over course of three years, maintaining a single parking or outdoor light fixture may cost up to $1,300 in labour and parts.

    Low Lightning Performance: The overall performance with traditional in your parking and area lighting is might vary substantially depending on the type of HID bulb your is business uses.

    If you use metal halide lamps, for example, you may notice that the illumination is “white color,” but these lights have rapid lumen deterioration, which means that the brightness of the lamps drops fast after initial installation, reducing the lamp’s total lifetime.

    Although high-pressure sodium lights have a greater useful lifespan than metal halide lamps due to less lumen degradation, its fuel structure creates a highly orange illumination with a poor colour rendering index or CRI. So if you want high lightning performance for your parking lot then you should use 300W parking lot light.

    LED characteristics for parking Lot Application:

    There are a number of features that distinguish certain commercial LED public parking lights from others. The LED has good Correlated Color Temperature sometimes called CCT or colour temperature, Color Rendering Index (CRI), light transmission characteristics, heat transfer qualities, eco-friendliness, and acquired safety ratings are all examples of these. Premier features and famous evaluations from leading organizations distinguish high-quality LED lighting.

    LED has good CRI then traditional light bulbs. Tint temperature refers to the warmth or coolness of a light’s brightness, which can range from a warm reddish-orange to a cool white or blue colour. CRI scores describe how an object appears when lighted vs when it is exposed to natural light. The higher the grade, the more the lighted item resembles its natural counterpart. Now LED with 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K CCT and minimum CRIs of 70 to 80 are coming in the market.

    Led light is also excellent for the world since it reduces carbon emissions and removes dangerous chemicals found in HIDs, like mercury and lead. Mercury is used in the manufacturing of Metal Halide HIDs, which is hazardous when breathed or discharged into the environment. If the exterior part of the glass bulb breaks and the inner tube starts running without this insulating layer, HID bulbs can release significant quantities of UV radiation. Unlike LEDs, HID bulbs also need particular disposal procedures.

    Conclusion: LED consumes less energy and gave much more lifespan as compare to other lighting options. If you want to buy the best quality LED for your business and home then you can buy LED from They provide many varieties of LED like LED Ceiling Light, LED Parking Lot Light, LED Shop Light, High Bay LED light, and much more.

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