Wix Logo Maker: Logo Designing Simplified

    A logo defines your organization’s brand image and it communicates your company values. Every business owner realizes the importance of having a logo. There is a reason why logos are printed or included in all your stationery and online assets. Your logo communicates that your business stands for something. It is a promise that your customers can trust you and what you have to offer. What if you could design your own logo yourself without the help of a designer?

    Whether you have a new business or you want to update your logo, the process would always mean hiring the services of an experienced designer. It should be a graphic designer who is experienced and understands your niche. But it also means spending a lot of time finding the right professional and then having to work with them for weeks too before you can have a logo that perfectly meets your goals. With the Wix logo maker, you can save time, money, and inconvenience and design your own logo.

    Wix Logo Maker
    Wix Logo Maker

    Wix Logo Maker for Professional-like Logo Designing

    The Wix Logo Maker is an easy-to-use but powerful software that allows you to create a logo for your niche, customize it and download a high-quality vector file. Along with logo designing, you will also get access to Wix’s proven web designing platform. If you don’t already have a website, you can go beyond logo designing and create your new website.

    How Wix Logo Maker Works?

    This logo designing software is designed for all kinds of users. You may or may not have previous designing experience. The program’s algorithm asks you a series of questions to learn about your niche, your business or professional qualities or prowess and comes up with several design suggestions. You can then determine which design best matches your goals and preferences and edit it to achieve perfection.

    How to Create your Logo?

    Wix Logo Maker for Professional-like Logo Designing

    The steps are easy and you don’t need to have any advanced designing skills:

    • Enter your organization’s name (Provide a name that you want to be displayed in your logo. This is the first step and you can sign-up later).
    • Select your industry, sector or niche. Start typing and the software provides suggestions. Select the niche that perfectly defines your products or services.
    • Describe your business by choosing from a few select optional words.
    • When you provide the above-mentioned information, Wix’s algorithm will create a logo that best suits your niche and requirements.
    • Check all the different design suggestions and select the one that seems to be the best.
    • Edit the logo – the font, the color, shape, and size and create a 100% customized logo.
    •  Once the logo is ready, just download it as a high-quality vector file.

    You can then use the logo anywhere – in prints, on your website, and all your branding or stationery materials. Wix provides different fermium payment programs, ranging from completely free to paid, depending on the program you choose.

    Logo Designing Simplified

    Thus, you are able to you’re a logo yourself (without seeking any professional help). The logo looks exactly like it has been designed by a professional. The logo maker software provides you with the rights to the logo. You are also able to move to the next step and design your website. Once you have your logo, use it as the basis for your branding efforts. Logos are much more than elegant designs that match your brand colors. A well-designed logo communicates your company background, your mission, and what experience your customers can expect when interacting with your company.

    The Wix Advantage

    The Wix logo maker allows you to design your logo for free. The high-resolution file is available for a small fee. The software is based on Wix’s powerful algorithm that has been developed over several years. Wix has over 120 million users worldwide. The powerful platform allows you to design websites and manage your business online. The algorithm behind the logo designing program is based on all the data that the platform has gathered over more than a decade.

    So when you choose Wix for designing your logo, you are getting access to a reliable and professional algorithm that has been tested and proven over the years. And the platform also offers a free web designing program to take your business to the next level.


    When it comes to designing your own logo, there is no longer any need to hire the expensive services of graphics designers or spend days communicating what you actually expect from the design. Wix provides you easy-to-use software that lets you create your own logo. Just answer a few questions and select the design that best suits your goals and edits it to customize each and every element. This unique approach to logo design changes the very concept of the design process. It is easy to use, it is fast, and shows that logo designing doesn’t have to be complicated.

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