Xbox Controller Will Now Control US Navy Submarine

    Xbox Controllers has been making the gaming experience of players more precise and immense since a long time. Imagine, these Xbox Controllers being used by the Navy Sailors to control those huge Submarines.

    Xbox Controller Will Now Control US Navy Submarine

    Xbox Controller Will Now Control US Navy Submarine
    Xbox Controller Will Now Control US Navy Submarine

    The US Navy has launched fourth USS Colorado SSN 788 attack Submarine with an Xbox 360 Controller. This Controller will be used to steer the photonic masts of the Submarine, which is an advanced form of typical Periscopes. These Periscopes have high-resolution cameras and large monitors, that will be monitored by the Xbox 360 Controllers.

    The estimated cost of each of these Submarines is $2.7 billion. They are built by General Dynamics Electric Boat in Connecticut and Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia.

    Richard V. Spencer, the Secretary of the US Navy commission calls this Submarine as “a true marvel of technology and innovation” which is indeed true in this case.

    The Xbox Controllers will be more efficient and cheaper as compared to the advanced Stick. Young Sailors are very much familiar with these Controllers. The cost of an Xbox 360 Controller is around $35. Whereas, a photonic mast has a price tag of $3800.

    The launch of the USS Colorado SSN 788 attack Submarine has been confirmed by the Navy last year. The use of these Submarines is limited to USS Colorado for now. But, the Navy plans to increase the use of controllers at all Submarines.

    “This is the first Submarines blessed with the controllers from its inception. The Submarine is 377 feet (115 meters) long, 34 feet (10 meters) wide and weighs approximately 7,800 tons when submerged. It also doesn’t have to refuel, as it has a nuclear reactor plant that powers the Submarine for the lifetime of its existence” says the Navy website.

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