xFyro xS2 – Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone [REVIEW]

    We all love to groove over our favorite songs and no matter what kind of music you’re a fan of, owning a set of wireless earbuds has become our necessity. Here come the latest headphones of the year, which are wire-free, are now more popular than ever. This is an excellent option for those who are tired of tangled earphones.

    xFyro xS2 – Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone [REVIEW]

    xFyro xS2 Review
    xFyro xS2 Review

    So here, we come with the upcoming trends and latest gadgets to make you people aware of technologies. Let us start with the description so first let me tell you the types of xFyro earbuds that are available in the market, the xFyro xS2 is an improvement upon the original xFyro G with improvements in battery life, comfort, and durability. They boast a slimmer profile, IP67 waterproofing, quicker charging, longer battery life and more. Now let’s talk about how they work we’ll take a closer look at them to see what they’re all about, anything else that upcoming buyers should be aware of. We will take an approach to point out both the good and the bad qualities regarding these gadgets.

    First Look

    Upon unboxing this brand new pair of earbuds, we found a lot more than but those earbuds; there was a charging case, which looks like a tube of foundation. The charger is approximately 6 inches, which can be easily held in your hand and small enough for any pocket. It’s much more than a charging case though. It resembles more like a power bank-capable of charging the earbuds or virtually anything else that’s USB powered. It has a USB-out port that lets you charge-up anything that accepts a USB charge (your smartphone, tablet, etc.).

    Each earbud nests at both the ends of the charger along with magnetic. Removing them is very simple just gently pull out and you will see that there is an influence button settled on every freelance earbud, together with an electro-acoustic transducer and light-emitting diode indicator. Taking a better look, you will notice that one earbud has an “L” whereas the opposite has an “R”. This is your indicator to show which bud belongs to which ear lobes.

    In addition to the case and each individual earbud, you’ll notice a few more accessories included in the box. Along with this, there are some other kinds of stuff like the instruction manual, micro-USB charging cable and two extra sets of ear tips. One larger and one smaller than the tips that come attached to the earbuds.

    xFyro xS2 True Wireless Earbuds
    xFyro xS2 True Wireless Earbuds


    • Steps to pair the earbuds with your smartphones:
    • Hold the power button on the earbuds for 4 seconds.
    • A red LED light will blink indicating that your earbuds are ready to go.
    • Turn on your mobile Bluetooth and search for nearby devices.
    • Select xFyro xS2 on the list of active nearby devices.
    • On successful connection of both the earbuds and your smartphone, you will get to see a blue LED light blinking in your earbuds.


    Fitting the xFyro xS2 earbuds into your ears for the first time, you may wonder how well they stay in. Every person has different ears and not everyone is the same – we all know that. Nevertheless, do not panic at all because these earphones are excellent and there is no issue with the size of the buds.

    Sound Quality

    Likely, the most crucial aspect of any set of earbuds is the quality of the sound they produce. With this pair of xFyro xS2’s earbuds, I do not think so you people will face any issue. They seemed to produce fantastically rich, high-quality sound with any song or genre of music. Rock, hip-hop, jazz, country and even classical music gave them an opportunity to shine. The equalization between bass and sound clarity seemed to be right in a sweet spot. The bass is rich and vibrant.

    It also comes with a microphone, and each earbud has its own integrated into the design. Used for making and receiving phone calls, we put it to the test a few times. The call quality was quite good. In fact, even better than having a phone conversation without the earbuds in.

    Battery Life

    As an improvement, the xS2’s are equipped with an upgraded 850-mAh internal battery and charging system that seems to work just as advertised. However, I will give a rating of 3/5 for this earbud in accordance with the battery life.

    xFyro xS2 True Wireless Earbuds with Microphone
    xFyro xS2 True Wireless Earbuds with Microphone


    Both the earbuds and the charging case have been given added durability against dust and moisture. The “IP rating” is a classification rating that gives you a clear insight as to what kind of protection they’re equipped with. The first number, 6, means that the unit is sealed from dust. The second number, 7, means that the unit is sealed against the effects of immersion in water between the depths of 15cm (half a foot) to 1 meter (3 feet).

    With this in mind, it’s plenty of protection to keep them safe in a downpour, and technically – you could submerge them in water. However, xFyro states that using them in or underwater is a bad idea. Mostly because of the risk that you’ll drop an earbud and it’ll sink down beneath 3 feet.

    Final Words

    Yes, agree to the point that it is not a very affordable option for everyone, we’re quite happy with what they provide. The sound is exceptional, the comfort is spot-on and they’re very easy to use. After thoroughly testing them for over a month, we can conclude that they’re one of the nicest pairs of true wireless earbuds we’ve tried in the past few months.

    Yet it can be a bit troublesome to foe of us as there is a lack of external controls on each earbud due to lack of space. We appreciate the fact that xFyro took a minimalist approach in their design.

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