3 Ways Technology Has Changed Communication

    Communication has evolved and expanded in so many ways over the year – technology has played a huge role in that! Technology is key in how communication has evolved both socially and in business. Technology has provided us with many different devices, programmes, and software to let us utilise effective communication. From smartphones, tablets, video communication and social media. Video communication has become a huge part of how we communicate today. 

    Three Key Ways Technology Has Affected Communication 

    There are a few main ways in which technology has impacted the way we communicate today. Some praise the power of technology, while others have questioned its potential impact on our health and for safety reasons, argue the need of very secure communication

    1. Saving Time & Money:

    Reflecting on the way communication has evolved over the years, it’s clear how technology has played a huge role in the improvement of communication. Today, communication is instant, accessible for all, and in a lot of ways free! Indeed, the most obvious way in which technology has affected communication is by saving us time and money. Years ago, we would have had wait on the phone to ring, venture to an internet café, or even send a letter; but none of this is necessary now. All you need is a smartphone and access to the internet for instant forms of communication, on a global scale. 

    2. We’ve Gone Digital:

    Technology has also taken our way of communicating completely digital (well, almost). Social media has been created in the last twenty years, and it’s now one of the best forms of communicating with loved ones. For some, especially the younger generations, social media is their main way of communicating. As technology evolves from generation to generation, so does each generation’s preferred way of communication. Whether we use social media platforms to post, share, message or comment, every way in which we use them is a form of digital communication. 

    3. Health Concerns:

    Despite the benefits technology has provided when it comes to communication online, some do fear for its effect on our wellbeing in real life. Some argue it hinders our ability to build relationships with others, whether in our personal life or business. Indeed, younger generations who primarily would use digital forms of communication may struggle with some aspects of in-person communication. Many people worry that faceless communication impacts our natural instincts as social beings. Even though there are concerns, if people are educated on the pitfalls and are aware, we can avoid the detrimental effects of technology and keep ourselves safe online.

    Is There Possibilities of Safe Communication?

    Indeed, safe technologies are essential. Security, data privacy, and safety have all become a priority when considering different technologies for digital communication. Advice on this is now taught in schools given the prevalence of online bullying and grooming. We can share photos, videos, and stories instantly for our online networks to see. However, the recipient may not always be who they say they are, and some forms of sending such content isn’t always safe. 

    The Future of Technology & Communication

    Going forward into the future, machine learning and artificial intelligence are paving the way for the future of communication. It’s already having a significant impact on how we communicate, with the likes of chatbots, algorithms, automated-writing software. A lot of the automated processes allow businesses to use automation tools for aspects of communication. For example, email marketing and social media scheduling. 

    To conclude, there are enormous ways technology has affected communication, and there is no sign of stopping it. The advancements in AI mean the possibilities of how communication is affected in the future are endless. 

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