Moto G Stylus and Moto G8 power
Moto G Stylus and Moto G8 power

After a lot of research and research around the internet, here we got you the top coming smartphone which will be arriving in February of 2020.

Thou, the post is 5 days late from the start date of the month, so for the people who don’t know much about the phone’s release in the first 5 days of February, don’t here we will be got you covered.

So, let not wait and start-up with the top upcoming phones coming in February of 2020.

1. Samsung S10 Lite

Samsung S10 Lite
Samsung S10 Lite

This is the first-ever upper mid-range flagship released by Samsung. The S10 lite came on the 3rd of February for its official sale in Flipkart, thou the phone was officially launched on 23rd of January in 2020.

Samsung S10 could be a better choice for the people who have a budget of about 40k (exclusive of offers, through offers you can get it in about 37k) and are the fan of Samsung brand.

The main highlight for the phone is its processor! Samsung comes in with snapdragon 855 which is the flagship performer in 2019, so as compared to the bigger brothers like Samsung S 10 lineup and Note lineup, S10 lite has a better and faster processor.

Don’t get confused, by looking at the name “Lite” there is nothing lite given to the phone yet and yes, the lite is the price for the phone and this is the only main aspect that S10 lite is famous for.

There was another phone named Note 10 lite, which is the lite version of the big square-shaped flagship “Samsung note 10”. This phone was released in January and started its sale in January itself.

2. Poco X2


Poco X2
Poco X2

This was the most anticipated phone, Phones from poco were missed a lot and now they are back in the game with their second phone (Technically) named Poco X2. Thou, this is not a flagship phone like Poco F1 but instead, you can check out the post on Poco X2 to know more about the phone.

3. Realme C3

Realme C3
Realme C3


Taking a tighten up your seats, Because realme is back with their new phones for 2020. As for now, Realme is coming up with its lower budget phone.

Realme C3 will be the upgraded version for the Realme C2 set and as like, C series these phones will lie under the pricing of 10k.

Realme C3 is dated to be launched on 6th of Feburay in 2020, as soon it releases we will surely get in touch with you with its details.

4. Realme 6

Realme 6 Leaked Image
Realme 6 Leaked Image

As mentioned above, realme is back into the game and has started with its series for 2020.

So for now, there is no official confirmation given yet but it is sure that it may come before the end of February or if any delay it may get postponed to start march month.

5. Realme X50 5G

Realme X50
Realme X50

This is another mostly waited for the phone by the Indian consumers. Although, Realme X50 5G already launched in China and is yet to come in India and other global markets as well.

Even for Realme X50, no official confirmation has been revealed but same as Realme 6 we see Realme X50 5G coming in February last or at the march.

Realme X50 5G will be the flagship performer, which means Realme X50 5G will be coming up with flagship specs which includes one and all Snapdragon 865 processor.

If everything goes as per dates, realme will be the brand that brought a first flagship phone in the year 2020. The chances are realme will showcasing the phone in MWBC(Mobile World Barcelona Congress) which is going to be held in the last week of February.

6. Realme phone (No updates regarding its name given yet)

Here itself, it over a lot of phones been covered up by Realme while researching we found out that Realme is been planning to release a new phone in the upcoming MWBC event in February of 2020. There is a rendered image been revealed about the phone yet.

7. Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup

Samsung Galaxy S20 Lineup Leaked
Samsung Galaxy S20 Lineup Leaked

This is the most awaited phone, for a year or so at last Samsung is coming up with their new flagships. for now, there is no confirmation that the new Samsung phones will come up with Snapdragon processors or Exynos processor.

Thou, there is a huge chance that the phone may come in with a snapdragon processor as S10 lite came in with a snapdragon processor as well.

S20 lineup is officially confirmed for its release on the 11th of February in 2020. Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup will come in a sale last February or chances are to come in the first week in March as well. Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup includes flagships phones like Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra!

8. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Leaked
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Leaked

With the S20 lineup, Samsung has also revealed that Samsung will be coming up with a folding phone as well.

This phone will have the ability to fold vertically, as the first phone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip which had a horizontal foldability. It’s been also said that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Fold 1.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is also said to come on the 11th of February in 2020. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will also arrive in the sale on the last of February in 2020.

9. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

Mi note 10
Mi note 10 pro

Xiaomi is been teasing a lot about this phone if you don’t know Mi Note 10 Pro comes with a camera sensor of 108 MP! which is the major highlight of the phone.

Thou, Mi Note 10 Pro has already been released in china but the only thing it was missing is the Flagship specs.

Don’t worry, Xiaomi has also planned for bringing the same Mi note 10 pro models with flagship specs like snapdragon 865 Processor and it will be also coming in India, let’s keep the spec, features and price of Mi Note 10 Pro for another article.

10. Moto Razr 2019

Moto Razr
Moto Razr

This is the most awaited phone since the November of 2019, Moto Razr came in December of 2019 and didn’t make its release in India, it may sound funny that Moto Razr is itself manufactured in India, but it is not yet released in India.

Moto Razr had a drawback that, it didn’t come in with flagship specs, it has a Snapdragon 710 and also it has a battery which is as well as 2510 mah, which eventually a lot less.

It’s been said that Moto Razr will be coming in February of 2020 and also Motorola also said that they will be coming in with a processor of snapdragon 865 as well.

11. Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung A71 Leaked
Samsung A71 Leaked Image

After the release of Samsung Galaxy A51, now Samsung is coming in with Samsung Galaxy A71 as well.

Samsung Galaxy A71 will be coming in with mid-range specs as well, Samsung Galaxy A71 will be the upgraded version of Samsung Galaxy A51.

Although, the phone is already globally launched and now the waitings are for its arrival in India.

12. Samsung Galaxy M31

Teasing of Samsung Galaxy M31
The teasing of Samsung Galaxy M31

Samsung is coming up with its mid-range series for which the “M” stands for as well. Samsung Galaxy M31 is an upgraded version of their last year’s phones like Samsung Galaxy M30 and Samsung Galaxy M30s. Samsung Galaxy M31 is also set to arrive before the end of February.

13. Oppo Reno 3 Pro and Find X2

Oppo Reno 3
Oppo Reno 3
Oppo Find X2 Leaked Image
Oppo Find X2 Leaked Image

The models of these models, Oppo Reno 2 and Oppo Find x became a huge hit around the global audience.

Oppo Reno 3 Pro and Find X2 is also set to come in MWBC 2020, which is scheduled at the last of February of 2020. Thou, as for now, there is no update that when it will come in India!


14. Moto G stylus and Moto G Power

Moto G Stylus and Moto G power
Moto G Stylus and Moto G power

With the gears Motorola is also back with a series of phones for 2020, Motorola started with Moto G Stylus this year, you can know it’s specs on our article about Moto G stylus, the major highlight of the is that the phone will come in with a stylus!

The other phone we can expect to come is Moto G8 power, which will come in with a huge highlight of having a huge 5000 Mah just like what we saw in Realme C3 as well.

The year 2020 could be the year of Large batteries!

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