Latest news about Poco X2- Full Specification, Is it worth it for the price?

Latest news about Poco X2- Full Specification, Is it worth it for the price? Everything you should know about Poco X2 and also know why Poco became a separate brand?


After, a huge wait, finally POCO X2 has been revealed. It’s been over one year since Poco F1 was released from Xiaomi and took over the mobile industry into a different level, so after a huge wait Poco has returned with its phones with mind-blowing specs.

Is Poco a separate brand?

The CEO of Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar Jain said that now, Poco will become a separate independent brand and a separate legal identity and will be run by the separate team as well as mentioned above.

Poco became a separate brand and POCO has a separate team like other major manufacturers, so don’t worry if you are thinking that Poco will be coming back, from now Poco is back to the game and will be coming up with new phones in future!

Poco X2- Specs and features

So, let get into specs and features that the phone comes with.

Physical Overview

Physical Overview

If we talk about the physical overview of the phone, in the side phone come up with a physical unlock button with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Yes, this may sound gimmicky that Poco comes up with a side fingerprint scanner but the other phones in this range come with an in-display scanner.

Yes, Poco is way more different from other phones in the same price as well.

Above the unlock button you will get a volume locker button. (Unlock and volume buttons are on the right side of the phone)

At the top, the phones come up with an IR blaster and a secondary microphone.

And when we got to the left side, you will get to see a sim slot, which comes with a hybrid solution (One sim and one SD card or two Sims).

In the down, you will see a speaker, primary microphone, type – C charging cable and headphone jack.

The back of the phone comes up with a gradient finish and a different polished finish in the camera section. The backside of the phone is protected with Cornering Gorilla Glass 5.



The screen of the device and the screen is also one of the major features for the phone so Poco X2 comes with an IPS screen with 6.67 inches and a resolution of 1080 x 2400, in short, it is an FHD+ screen.

So, Poco X2 does support HD content and also it supports a whopping refresh rate of 120 Hertz. Yes, the display supports a 120 Hertz, so you can use the phone butter smooth.

The screen also supports an HDR and is also certified for being an HDR 10 display. The ratio of the screen is 20:9 which will be suitable for you to watch videos and movies as well.

The Screen is also protected with cornering Gorilla glass 5.

The screen has a dual punch-hole display, which has a dual-camera setup.



Poco X2 comes with 6 cameras in total! Two in the front and 4 in the back.

The back camera comes with a configuration of 64 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP.

The main camera is 64 MP with f-1.9 aperture and 8 MP of Wideangle camera and a 2 MP of Macro camera and the at the last 2 MP of a telephoto camera for depth sensing.

In the front, Poco x2 comes with a dual camera with a configuration of 20 MP + 2 MP.

The front camera comes in with 20 MP of the main camera and a 2 MP camera for depth sensing.

What is inside the phone?


Poco X2 comes up with a battery of 4500 Mah.


Poco X2 comes up with a new processor of snapdragon 730g, which is a new performer processor for the new market.

Poco X2 also comes with a special function named “Liquid Cooling System” which helps the phone to be cool for a longer time.

Ram and Internal Storage

Poco X2 comes up with an internal space configuration of 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB.

The ram configuration of the phone comes in with 6GB of ram and you can choose internal storage of 64 GB or even 128 GB.

Then the next variant comes with 8GB of Ram and 256 GB of storage. The storage space is also expandable till 512GB.

Software out of the box

Poco X2 is based on MI UI 11 which is based on Android 10 out of the box, which could be a piece of good news for poco fans out there.

Prices for Poco X2

The prices of Poco X2 start from Rs.15,999 which base variant (6 GB of Ram and 64 GB of Storage). And goes till the topmost variant (8 GB of Ram and 256 GB of Storage), with a price tag of Rs.19,999

Is Poco X2 Good for the Price?

Poco X2 is a good phone and has a lot more features, in short, we can say that Poco X2 is a feature-packed phone.

The only drawback it has that it comes with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner which is kinda outdated plus it comes with an IPS screen rather than AMOLED, so if you are okay with these both, thou you get a whopping 120 Hertz refresh display. So it makes it be a fair deal.

Here is everything that you should be knowing about Poco X2 if you have something to ask, do comment in the comment section below.

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