A Rockstar Hack Just Revealed Loads About GTA VI

    It’s now coming up to an entire decade since the previous entry in one of the most profitable franchises in gaming history was released, with Grand Theft Auto V first appearing on consoles back in 2013. One of the big reasons that its developers, Rockstar Games, are taking so long to release the next instalment, is that so many people still enjoy playing GTA V, especially if you read up on the 10 best GTA V mods to use

    However, there’s been a recent massive development in the release of GTA VI though, as the gaming world has been abuzz with the news that an unprecedented amount of gameplay footage has been leaked from the upcoming title. This is due to a massive hack of Rockstar’s internal systems, which allowed over ninety videos of the game’s design process to be uploaded to the internet, where it has been devoured by millions of eager fans. 

    Whilst Rockstar has been understandably totally rocked by the breach on their company, it has given us a fascinating insight into what they’re planning with the next entry in the series. Here’s a quick roundup then, of some of the most interesting reveals. 

    Return to Vice City

    One of the biggest divulges from the leak has been that we now, most likely, know where GTA VI will be set. For years gamers have wondered where this would be, with a lot of words being written about either suspected or dream locations. Well, whichever of you out there had Vice City down as your choice, well done, because it looks like Rockstar is taking us back to their wonderful satire of Miami, Florida again. This was confirmed after footage from the leak showed lots of police cars with V.C.P.D written all over them, which obviously stands for Vice City Police Department. 

    The last time we got to visit it was back in 2002 when they released the now classic GTA: Vice City onto the PS2. The game was an incredible time capsule of the 1980s, with bouncing new-wave tunes, pastel-coloured suits, and more neon lights than a night in Las Vegas. This time round though, it looks like it will be a modern-day reimagining of the most famed city in ‘The Sunshine State’, as there was plenty of modern-day technology being used by the virtual characters, including up-to-date looking smartphones.

    RPG Elements 

    One thing that lots of GTA aficionados have been crying out for, is for the series to reinstall some Role Playing Game elements. These were first seen in the 2004 release, GTA: San Andreas, which allowed players to perform actions that resulted in their character’s appearance changing. It now appears that Rockstar has answered those cries, and has placed several RPG elements back into the franchise. According to data in the leak, there will be the need to look after your hunger, fatigue, hydration, and tiredness as you play through the game.

    Bonnie and Clyde 

    It seems like Rockstar will be ticking off another box that’s on a lot of gamers’ wish lists, as this looks set to be the first time there will be a female playable main character in the series. Clips have shown that you’ll get to control two characters, one male and one female, and that’s led many to believe that the plot will revolve around a Bonnie and Clyde type scenario. 

    This is backed up further by footage of the female character holding up what looks to be some kind of diner, and making off with some loot that’s handed over by a terrified cashier. This has got players ecstatic over the thought of getting to live out the outlaw fantasy, with them being able to orchestrate heists of many different places. Imagine getting to rob massive banks, department stores, jewellery shops, and many different casinos. 

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