Advanced eSports Tips for Call Of Duty Pro Gamers – Play with Confidence!

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now, and you wouldn’t want to miss the best opportunity to master the game and enter into upcoming eSport tournaments, which deliver hefty prize money to the winner. However, before you drop big balls and register your team into the Call of Duty World Championship, you want to ask yourself, are you ready? Esport in 2021 has become a crucial series of events akin to the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Henceforth, only the best of the best gamers in the world reach that level. Thanks to our Call of Duty Live streamers, today, we brought you a list of advanced-level Call Of Duty gaming tips. Whether you are a tyro or a competent gamer, check out the following tips to polish your gaming skills and strengthen yourself for upcoming competitors. Let’s get started: 

    #1: Use Grenades whenever you are on the verge of survival 

    In real life, do you know a person only needs food to survive? Similarly, in eSports, in order to survive, you need to dominate your enemy like hell. The good news is that if you have grenades in your stock, you can do it far more easily. However, strategic use of grenades is crucial because they are scarce weapons that everyone has. Therefore, while in Call of Duty, pick the best opportunity to drop grenades. This will help you increase your streaks and, furthermore, improve your lifeline in the game. Make certain that each time you drop a grenade, your enemy faces damage at a larger scale. By keeping this mindset, you will always have the upper hand on the opposite team. 

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    #2: Avoid unnecessary deaths by unloading your weapon

    More often than not, in MOBA Call of Duty, players reload their sniper (or another weapon) each time they shoot a target. However, what they forget is that at a time, the Rifle carries 210 ammo per magazine. Henceforth, once you upload your rifle, you can use it to shoot multiple enemies before you need to reload it again. Not only this, but when you shoot in Call of Duty akin to a killing spree, other players onboard can view your activity on the map. Therefore, you attract a lot of attention from opposite parties. As a result, you become an easy prey. 

    #3: Don’t look for a shorter pathway!

    In Call of Duty, each team member looks for another team member to kill and dominate the opposing party. Thus, in the light of this goal, you as a player seek a shorter pathway to reach the enemy. But is it the best strategy? The answer is NO. In this game, a patient mindset is very crucial. The chances that you will easily conquer your enemy are higher when they don’t expect you. Thus, we advise you to take your team and take a long route to your enemy. It will help you plot and plan accordingly. Believe it or not, catching your enemy off guard is the best feeling in Call of Duty because the chance of winning over them goes up to 100%. 

    #4: Spend time “aiming.”

    Do you have a goal to enter the Call of Duty eSport championship one day? If yes, then we suggest you start practicing how to aim today? The reason is that in graphically advanced games like Call of Duty, shooting is very important. If you don’t have the skills to aim and shoot like a pro, you can never win a fight, even if you have other weapons in your inventory. Furthermore, it is also noteworthy that in Call of Duty, there are many opportunities where you can see the team member of the opposite team, but he cannot see you. In this case, if you are good at aiming, you can shoot him off guard and take the credit!

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    #5: Watch how professionals play it

    In order to develop skills as a professional Call of Duty player, you will require to accomplish moves of the same level. Thus, by watching pro gamers play Call of Duty on youtube, twitch, and other such players, you can gain a lot of wisdom. We are not saying that you copy their moves. But, sometimes, while watching these pro live streams, you can get an idea of how to overcome an obstacle that you have been having for a long time. 

    Want to know more about Call of Duty tournaments? Check out the best eSports Website and get a chance to enter the championship. Thank you!

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