After PUBG, TikTok is in the line for banishment!

    PUBG has its fair allegations and survived throughout them. Now it’s time for another infamous app to face some challenges – TikTok.

    This app from ByteDance is rated 4.4 and has more than 500million installs in Playstore alone with a lite app (21MB) for low-end smartphones users too.

    (Tidbit: In the total app installs of both platforms, Indians have a share of 200M+)

    After PUBG, TikTok is in the line for banishment!


    On Wednesday, Madhuri Court bench shared by N Kirubakaran and SS Sundar has filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) asking the central government to ban the app. And even asked media channels to stop displaying the videos of TikTok.

    The bench declared reasons to be “encouraging pornography and degrading culture“. Well, these could be exaggerating, but some of the app’s content seemed to publish some adult rated and non- stereotypical videos, sharable to millions of others.

    Besides personal videos of singing/dancing/acting, this app has a facility of adding acting video clips of someone from the ecosystem, this could lead to dramatical video making with desired partners. While this isn’t that bad, authorities considered this

    Some people even feel TikTok being no less to Blue Whale, an app coursing depression and leading to suicide ultimately.

    The justice bench sees TikTok usage could be a way for teenagers to be engaged and exploited by pedophiles.

    With Bangladesh and Indonesia banning this already, we’re wondering what India is planning for TikTok’s future in the country.

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