Android 8.0 Oreo – Everything You Need To Know!

    Gone are the days when Oreo was just a Popular cookie. The scenario has changed after the launch of the 8th Installment of the Google’s very own Operating System – Android Oreo. The newbie would surely be a bombshell to the billions of Android users across the World. Android Oreo isn’t just an operating system but a work of art which would surely tether your attention from all the other Operating System crowding the Mobile market. HowTechHack is ready to give you an exhaustive view of Android Oreo with this article. So let’s see how nice, did Google bake its new cookie, and abridge the expectation and reality of Android Oreo.

    Android Oreo 8.0

    Android 8.0 Oreo

    How Creamy is the New Oreo? – Android Oreo Features

    UI Design:

    ‘Aesthetics’ is one of those departments where Google’s hard work is clearly visible. Talking about the Stock Android UI, Android Oreo is a treat to eyes not just because of the polished interface but also the ability to customize everything right from icons, is what makes Oreo as a luring piece of work!

    • Better Navigation – Settings have become more user-friendly with the introduction of well-laid submenus. Also, the visual emphasis has been used exhaustedly wherever possible.
    • Contrast and Contours – Seems like darker days are over! Android Oreo features more light and bright color palettes- right from notification tray to listing of items in menus.
    • Adaptive Icons – No doubt, a phone is incomplete without a launcher. But what if the stock Android offers you to customize the shape of icons and the way they look, giving you the key to amplifying the visual appeal of your device. Well, that’s what Android Oreo comes up with – Adaptive Icons.

    Core Features:

    Due to better optimization, things have become more lucid. Whether it is a phone reboot or an application, lags will be hard to encounter.

    • Power Saving – Special care has been taken for acerbic behaving apps with background execution and location limits. This will kill all those background apps which aren’t required at the moment and will surely add more life to the battery making it last longer than usual.
    • Recover Party – Bootloops is a state where an Android phone gets stuck in reboot loops. But the terminology is all endangered with the introduction of Rescue Party in Android Oreo. The Rescue party will automatically trace any abnormal behavior of device’s components and would take preventive measures to get back the device to its normal state.
    • Notifications – Not just the visual feel but even the way notifications work is being revamped in Android Oreo. Now, each app will carry a notification dot with it, which will change color if the user gets some notification from that application. Even the app shortcuts could be explored at the same place. The notification tray reveals new controls for Snoozing if any of the notification is swiped left/right.

    Other Features:

    • PIP – PIP or Picture – in – Picture is one of the most elegant features of Android Oreo which was restrained to Tablets in earlier versions of Android. With PIP, a user can still watch videos even after closing a video-centric app while exploring other applications. Thanks to PIP, now the YouTube videos will shrink down to the right-bottom corner of device’s screen if the user press home button while watching a video on YouTube or any Website. The video is still manageable and could be stacked anywhere around the screen while controlling its Playback.
    • Auto fills Password Management -The long list of features can’t be concluded if we don’t talk about the Autofill API which will manage all your form data and passwords. So now, you don’t have to remember each of those passwords and usernames. Google’s Last pass will surely make the logging process more convenient.

    How long, do I have to wait? – The Release Date:

    On August 21, 2017, when the world witnessed one of the greatest natural phenomena of Total Solar Eclipse, Google officially declared the denouement to their takes on the Developer Preview of Android’s 8th version – Android Oreo. As, the devices like Nexus 6P, Google Pixel, and other Google family members were already loaded with the developer preview.

    Going forth, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei has gone a step further in this testing with the release of the beta version on its Phablet – Mate 9. HTC, One Plus, and Nokia have also affirmed that their devices will be running on Android Oreo, by the end of 2017. The official statement also indicates the availability of Upgrade to all other devices which were enrolled in the Beta Program. And as per the promise, Google has started rolling out the OTA downloads for the devices like Pixel and Nexus.

    Download Android Oreo 8.0:

    Google posted the OTA (Over The Air) downloads for all those supported devices like Pixel, Nexus, and others. If you possess one of these, then the device might already be running an Android O beta version and a final OTA update would transition it to Android 8.0 (official). Visit the following link to get the OTA downloads and flash your device’s factory image to lay hands over Android O. The link carries the whole process as well which will guide you through the installation steps.

       Download Oreo 8.0 OTA Update

    Android O Launcher

    Best Launcher for the Android Oreo feel:

    OO Launcher:

    Google Play Store is crowded with a plethora of launchers, but one launcher which can actually give you the taste of the new Desert in Android market is OO launcher. With customizable attributes and features like – Gestures, Hiding apps, Built-in icon packs, Transition effects and much more. If this isn’t sufficient to lure you then, the launcher does offer Action Popup and an option to search apps right away from the launcher. In short, OO launcher is adequate enough to give you the feel of Android Oreo with all its themes and icon packs. You can download the OO Launcher from the below button:-

       Download OO Launcher Apk

    Screenshots of OO Launcher:

    So the article clearly indicates how promising the new installment of Android is. But the quest doesn’t end up here as Oreo brings a bevy of challenges to be looked upon in coming days.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Android Oreo 8.0 Features, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

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