Apex Legends Storms Against Fortnite & PUBG with 10M+ Downloads in just 3days!

    Apex Legends isn’t just another Battle Royale with the same fighting against the each-other concept, but little tweaked.

    Imagine, having your legends of various capabilities and with your friends, picking one each to form a team.

    Apex Legends Storms Against Fortnite & PUBG with 10M+ Downloads in just 3days!

    Apex Legends
    Apex Legends

    You get to choose one legend at the beginning and your teammates, one each. Every character has unique powers like shooting, teleporting, cloning, enemy finding, gaseous powered etc. And by choosing one each, you must be forming a tactical strategy to kill opponents.

    (You know, one of the characters is named as Bangalore!)

    The game, within 3days of launch, has already recorded 10Million+ downloads and counting. That’s the biggest break from Titanfall maker – Respawn Entertainment.

    Xbox and PS4 players can get this game from their respective game stores.

    For PC players, you can get it from the EA gaming store but with Origin.

    You must be downloading the Origin software before downloading Apex Legends.

    For that, your PC should be having:

    • AMD FX-4350 Quad-Core or Intel Core i3-6300 or better
    • 64-bit Windows 7 or high
    • 6GB of RAM and 30GB of Hard disk space
    • GPUs of NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7700 and 1GB of GPU space.

    Download the Origin and create an account. After that, search for Apex Legends and install. It’s free for now and unsure about monetizing in the future. Though, it already has loots, apparels, and others to purchase within the game.

    It has stunning graphics and cool gameplay is already making rounds in the gaming industry.

    Currently, there are eight characters (legends) in the game to pick from. Respawn plans to add more in the future. And further said, Respawn has plans to launch a mobile version of this game too! Now that’s all set for rivaling against PUBG and Fortnite.

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