Apple iPhone X Plus To Elevate Chipset To Out Perform All Android Phones

    iPhone’s X Plus’s chip is the most powerful chip in the world. Even though it hasn’t even been a year since Apple’s iPhone X launched, rumors are already surfacing about the next iPhone.Almost every iteration of the iPhone has seen some internal improvements that make it faster, stronger, and better than the iPhones that came before, and we expect the iPhone X Plus to be no different in this regard.

    Apple’s Current Crave: iPhone X Plus’s Chip Supremacy

    iPhone X Plus

    Apple’s manufacturing partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has begun manufacture of the next series of the chip we expect to see in this year’s iPhone. Likely named the A12, the new chip will apparently use a 7-nanometer design that will help make it smaller, faster, and more power efficient than the 10-nanometer chips currently in circulation in the latest series of the iPhone.

    According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is looking to get ahead of other manufacturers who are also working on 7-nanometer designs — Samsung and Qualcomm being at the top of the list of competition that Apple would dearly love to beat to the finish line.

    Apple has also been rumored to be working with a company called Energous since 2015. Energous created a charging method that would allow you to charge your iPhone X Plus up to 15 feet away from one of its transmitters.

    Although the iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive phone, the company may be focused on bringing down costs in 2018. A report from KGI Securities says Apple wants to “reduce costs and selling prices” before the release of the next iPhone.

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