Top 10 Best Comic Reader Apps For Android In 2020

    Read Comics Online: The history of comics is very interesting and there are a number of characters that are introduced to us through these comics, some of which are still our favorite characters. Comic making and its production is a great artwork that must have to be appreciated. It is a skill that is not present in everyone. Comic Books remind us of those interesting imaginary stories, fantasy world, superheroes and funny characters that are different from the real world. Many comic characters such as superheroes – Superman, Batman, etc., are still remembered by most of us. Comic reading is mostly seen as a time-waster but it develops reading skills, improves vocabulary and imagination power. As digitalization is growing frequently so the way of reading books and comics is also improved. But now a number of apps and sites are developed for reading comics. Here, our main concern is to make you aware of the best comic reader apps for android.

    Top 10 Best Comic Reader Apps For Android In 2020

    Top 10 Best Comic Reader Apps For Android In 2018

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide to read comics online free in English but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the Top 10 Best Comic Reader Apps For Android In 2020. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there are many best ways to read comics online free on android. You can free download the apps from the below-given links. Let us take a look at some of the top ones: –

    List of Top 10 Best Comic Reader Apps For Android In 2020:

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    1. ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer)

    comic book reader android apkComiCat is a paid comic reader app. It is a fast and user-friendly app with a number of features. It has a bookshelf view so that the user can easily select the book without any trouble. It automatically searches for storage to the built catalog. Built-in with native code that supports effective working on both phones and tablets. The comic book needs to be downloaded in this app. Comics can be downloaded using SMB Shares, OneDrive™, Dropbox™, Google Drive™, Box™ accounts. It does not utilize more battery and comes with free lifetime updates. There are a number of features present to improve your reading experiences some of them are:-

    • Password protection
    • Visual Bookshelf with many themes.
    • Multiple view modes, sorting and search option.
    • Pinch to zoom, position lock for setting manual zoom level and gesture control for all navigations needed.
    • Image enhancement by auto-setting brightness, contrast, and saturation of comic pages.
    • Bookmark, auto remembering, and comic reading status indicator.
    • Parental control feature with password-protected the hidden folder.
    • Download manager that reviews and manages downloads.
    • Performance and experience sharing feature.
    • Supports most of the popular comic formats such as CBZ, CBR, PDF, Zip, Rar, etc.

       Download Comicat (Comic Reader/Viewer) Apk

    2. CIAYO Comics – Read Comics Online

    CIAYO Comics

    CIAYO Comic app is an interesting free android app for comic readers. It provides a number of comic books for free. CIAYO comics deliver a comic that is translated into your language easily. Here daily updates are done to make the user know about the latest comics released and available. As daily updates take place new characters, new settings, and stories are available. CIAYO Comics have a feature to share your views and also can share it on your social media account. One can subscribe to their favorite comics so to have a notification as a new one arrive. This feature makes you more curious to know about the new story thrills and twists coming. A very interesting thing about this app is ‘Challenges’-through which you can improve your drawing skill and commenting finesses that give rewards too.

    Some new features are introduced: Search feature so now find comics want to read frequently, Translate comics in your language to develop more interest in reading.

       Download CIAYO Comics Apk

    3. Line Webtoon – Free Comics

    Line Webtoon

    Line Webtoon is a free comic reader app. This app provides comics, manga & Manhwa on your mobiles and tablets all at a place. On-Line Webtoon you can read more than 170 Featured Comics every week for free, discover over 7000+comics of different subjects as-Action, Romance, Comedy, Horror and many more. It has also the feature to subscribe to your favorite comic and series.  To read comics anytime offline you have to download the comics. FX comics are also available that have animation and sound. This app gives notice for updates available i.e. no automatic updates done. Customized sorting of titles by user’s interest is now a new feature available.

       Download Line Webtoon-Free Comics Apk

    4. Astonishing Comic Reader

    astonishing comic reader apk

    The astonishing comic reader is an attractive free android comic reader app. This app has many features that create interest in reading and gives a user-friendly environment to its user. The app develops an elegant and simple interface. You can browse and read all your favorite comics. Simple navigation technology and powerful zoom feature provide an easy way to read as a where you want. All your collections can be organized in a customized way, or search feature is also available to find comics want to read. This app also provides amazing wallpapers but with some specific app users and it has cast support so you can read your comic everywhere on any screen. Snapshots can be taken to store those favorite dialogues that you love the most. Through synchronization system user can get the comics from cloud storage provider and share feature is also available. Read your comic without any disturbance as this app is ad-free.

       Download Astonishing Comic Reader Apk

    5. Challenger Comics Viewer

    comics by comixology

    Challenger Comics Viewer is a simple free android comic reader app. This app supports PDF, ePUB, CBR, CBZ, GIF and many more files. It includes comics, manga books, and PDF viewer. It is simple to use and the book pages are automatically displayed so there is no need to click every time to move to the next page. It is free to use and has no ads. The library in this app shows the comic covers to quickly open the comic. Page setup setting can be done, filters available to improve image quality, contrast/ brightness/saturation can be performed and many more activities can be performed. Right now it supports only English, French, Russian and Italian language.

       Download Challenger Comics Viewer Apk

    6. Madefire Comics & Motion Books

    cbr reader android download

    Madefire is an interesting free comic app for Android phones and tablets. It shows a great variety of new digital comics and motion books with interactive sound and motion activities. The motion books give a new way of looking comics. In this app weekly updates are available. Browse feature is available so one can easily look for their favorites books. It takes us in a new world, 360 panoramic views, music, sound effects and motion that takes you more into the story. It also has a number of categorized comics as- kids comics, classical editions, horror comics, superheroes comics and much more that are updated and new ones are released every week.

       Download Madefire Comics & Motion Books Apk

    7. DC Comics

    comic book collection app

    DC Entertainment is one of the largest English language publishers of comics. This app is free to install and effective to use. Its comic has a wide variety of characters such as the great superheroes –Superman, Batman, Wonder Women and many more. With the help of this app you can download and enjoy the best comics but from the present weekly offerings, legendary classical library. There is a guided view reading or classic full page view reading can be done. The comics can be conveniently managed and read anytime anywhere.

       Download DC Comics Apk

    8. Comics – Best Comic Reader Apps

    best comic reader android reddit

    Comics is a free android comic reader app developed by ComiXology. Comics take you into a world where over 100,000 digital comics, graphical novels, and manga are present. This app offers a free trial of the books only and for the permanent availability of any comic book, one has to purchase the book in the app. There a 30-day free trial is available of ComiXology. Many new features are introduced in this app like- now Save your book in SD cards also, Buy in-app and easily read all your books, offline reading feature, the Guided view that gives a whole new experience of cinematic reading options on any device.

       Download Comics Apk

    9. Google Play Books

    free comics app android

    Google Play Books is a full pack of books and references all at a place i.e. free to have on your android device. In this app, all category of books is available- bestsellers, science, arts, designing, English, novels, storybooks, comics and many more. It is a great app available for all types of readers. Comics are also available in this app. The books available on the app are not all free some have to be purchased and some are free. Browse feature is also available so that one can easily search for the book want to read. Sample previews are present, the daily feed of book news & stories makes you know about e new upcoming. Make the reading environment as you want by choosing your preferred font, text size or page color and set light modes (daylight/night light). Rent or purchase of textbooks is possible, quick bookmarks and many more features are present in this app.

       Download Google Play Books Apk

    10. Marvel Comics

    read comics online

    Marvel Comics app is a free comic reader app for Android. This app features downloading a lot many comic books present in the app. The download done is well protected and backed up when you have an account on i.e. whenever you upgrade your device your comics will be available to be read again. One can access more than 13,500 comics that are free to download and with weekly updates get the new comics easily on your device. Get a fully great reading experience with the customizing your view page, full page display and more settings present.

       Download Marvel Comics Apk


    The lists of comic reader apps shown in this article are only a few apps for comic readers. A number of Comic reader apps are present on different sites and Android stores with different features and quality. Reading comic books has become much easy, simple, effective and interesting than before by these apps. With new effects, features, and animation/motion books comic reading is becoming digitized and global. These apps provide comic books from all over the world at anyplace anytime.

    Watch this video tutorial on how to read comics online for free:

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Best Comic Reader Apps 2020, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share Top 10 Best Comic Reader Apps For Android In 2020 with your friends. Let them get the fun of the latest comics by reading online on their android smartphone.

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