10 Best Game Recording Software In 2020

    There are various game recording software’s available in the market in today’s day and age hence it is difficult to choose which one is the best of all and is tailor-made to your needs and wants.

    Let’s see which are the 10 best game recording software in 2020:

    10 Best Game Recording Software In 2020

    List of 10 Best Game Recording Software for PC:
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    1. Bandicam

    game recording software

    Bandicam is one of the most advanced recording software that does screen recording, game recording, and device recording.

    The software is lightweight and is compatible with Windows. The quality of video recording is quite impressive as it uses 4k Ultra high definition to record its videos.

    The users like the feature where they are also allowed to take screenshots of the screen. The interface of the software is pretty good and simple.

    The trial version or free version of the software is available. Bandicam has a built-in compression feature and also has the ability to resize the captured area.

       Download Bandicam

    2. Action


    Mirillis Action is a screen recording software that allows streaming and real-time recording of Windows desktop. The video recording quality is 4K high definition and supremely good.

    One can record and stream gameplay, record music, take screenshots, play web player videos, etc. It has a stylish interface, unique features and is easy to use. It has a green screen mode too.

    One can also export screen and gameplay recordings to popular formats, devices, Facebook or YouTube. The user can add live commentary to screen and gameplay recordings.

    The software has a free trial and the user can record up to 24hrs of continuous video.

       Download Action

    3. Frap


    Frap is a universal application for Windows. Fraps recently launched its new version which helps make game recording much easier than the before available version.

    One can also take screenshots that are automatically saved with names and timestamps. Frap can capture audio and video up to 7680×4800 with custom frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second.

    Frap uses OpenGL and DirectX graphic technology which makes recording gameplay fantastic.

       Download Frap

    4. QuickTime


    QuickTime is a multimedia framework that is developed by Apple Inc. It is great for Mac users.

    One can stream live and also directly upload files on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. It’s a flexible video editor and provides High-Quality videos.

    Its paid version is called Pro QuickTime which is best for multifunctionality.

    QuickTime is no longer supporting Windows. It allows Apple users to stream videos directly on Apple TV.

       Download QuickTime

    5. Open Broadcaster Software

    Open Broadcaster Software

    Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is an open-source software suite that is free of cost for recording and live streaming.

    OBS extends its functionality by supporting various plug-ins which enhances the users’ experience. It has compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Linux which is great.

    OBS supports almost all streaming platforms which are great for gamers. The software has Modular ‘Dock’ UI that allows you to arrange the layout exactly how the user likes.

       Download OBS

    6. D3DGear


    D3DGear works as a universal and lightweight video game recording software that allows recording live stream, capture screenshots, measure game frame rate, record games, etc.

    It helps produce a high-quality 4K video with good sound. The software does not affect or slows down the game while recording. The software is compatible with Windows.

    The recording is simply smooth and fast which the gamers love the most. Streaming can be carried out on multiple sites with this software. The interface is simple and easy too.

       Download D3DGear

    7. Dxtory


    Dxtory is a video or movie capture tool. It has a basic interface that is easy to use and understand.

    The video quality recorded is good but the file sizes are not compressed which means they are huge. It has compatibility with Windows, Vista, and XP.

    There are a number of first-class customization options available like in video settings the user can specify the source, size, format, frames per second from 10 to 120, etc.

    It quite a lightweight and high-speed software and has a free trial available.

       Download Dxtory

    8. Nvidia Shadowplay

    Nvidia Shadowplay

    Nvidia Shadowplay is free of cost and has a build-in GPU. There is no time limit of game recording in this software and also has an Instant Replay function which is liked by most users as it is not available in most of the other gaming software.

    The interface is quite user-friendly. The features of the game are limited but unique.

    The quality of video recording is 4k and 60 frames per second and does not include watermarks.

       Download Nvidia ShadowPlay

    9. Gecata


    Movavi’s Gecata is an ultimate game recording software that is lightweight.

    It records videos at high definition 4K at up to 120 Frames per second and also has a two-way sound capture feature.

    It has a Game Mode feature that automatically starts recording as soon as the user starts gamming.

    It has a free version available and paid one which is available without the watermark. It is compatible with Windows.

    One can save videos in MP4 format for easy uploading on YouTube and other sites.

       Download Gecata

    10. GoPlay


    GoPlay is a free screen recorder and editing software.

    It produces high and good quality videos and gaming can be recorded in multiple video formats. It has a free trial mode available and is compatible with Windows.

    GoPlay has many interesting features that help the user to edit and create video recording as they like. The videos are recorded in a compressed form which is great.

    It has a Subtitle feature that lets the user add captions to videos directly this feature can help to can engagements on social media and save uptime.

    Livestream is not supported by this software which is a bummer for gamers.

       Download GoPlay

    Watch this video for free game recorders for PC:

    Wrapping Up:

    And the list is come to an end, as you can see that there are several game recording software options in the market but above are the best. Each software has its own pros and cons. You can go ahead and select the one that is best for your gaming experience.

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