7 Best Kodi Skins 2020 | Top XBMC Themes

    Are you looking for Best Kodi Skins? Don’t worry! I have got your back. In this article, you are going to get the latest 7 Best Kodi Skins 2020. In this article, I’m going to share the best skins for Kodi 2020 which is the best skin for Kodi Jarvis. Kodi is a free Open Source Home Theater Software by XBMC. So here you are going to get 7 Best Kodi Skins 2020 | Top XBMC Themes that you can install and apply on your Kodi Software.

    Best Kodi Skins

    Kodi Skins are the beautiful themes made for the Kodi software which you can use to watch movies, music and other videos. It provides a real home theater experience at your home. This software is also available on different platforms like Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS, iOS, etc. If you are searching for Best Kodi skin for firestick and amber Kodi skin, then this article is for you. And If you are new to this amazing software we will start with the following: –

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    What is Kodi?

    Kodi is a free and open-source software designed for media lovers and is made with keeping home entertainment in mind. Kodi is a household name for movies, sports and tv show lovers. It was originally created by X-Box Media Center better known as XBMC. Kodi has a very large following all around the world and is a non-profit organization it is maintained mainly by the XBMC Foundation and volunteers and coders from all around the world.

    Due to the heavy fan following for KODI there are about 800 software developers and 300 translators which means, you can customize Kodi by adding add-ons, skins and builds which are free too.

    Also, another important thing to point out is that Kodi does not provide any media itself. Users of Kodi must provide their own content either from a media streaming device, local storage or else should point Kodi to an internet resource where media is stored.

    What devices are compatible:

    You can enjoy the services of Kodi on any smartphone, tablet or smart TV giving you access to internet media and media from the local storage. Kodi can be relished on any device you can think of, or does play media on it. The main platforms are Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi microcomputers. Also, Kodi is very easy to customize too.


    As we talk about customization and skins we should note that the default skin that comes bundled with Kodi is pretty good, but this is for people looking for having Kodi in their very own avatar. Besides the earlier mentioned features of Kodi, I personally think the real power of Kodi lies in letting its users customize it the way they like from plug-ins, add-ons, and skins.

    Best Skins for Kodi: –

    There are many skins available in the store like best Kodi skin krypton, Kodi skins krypton, and Kodi skins Jarvis, etc. I have seen many peoples are searching for Kodi skin comparison between Krypton and Reddit. So if you want to know more about best Kodi skins 2017 Reddit & Krypton then you can check the list given below.

    But before jumping into the list of best Kodi skins you can add and choose your best skin from, I would like to explain how to change your default skin first, for the ones who don’t know already.

    How To Install Kodi Skins?

    The default skin you will see when you install Kodi is named Confluence, which is also one of the best skin you will find. If you want to change this default skin the procedure to follow is pretty simple. You just need to open Kodi then go to Systems then go to “Settings > Appearance > Skins and then Get More“.

    7 Best Kodi Skins 2019 | Top XBMC Themes

    You can check the following best Kodi skins which are for best Kodi 17 builds. I am sharing these top 7 XBMC skins/themes with you. These are the most recommended skins available on the internet and you should definitely try.

    1. Amber – Best Kodi Skin Krypton

    Amber – Best Kodi Skin Krypton

    To install the skin Amber go-to systems then settings then appearance and then after reaching on to skins click on it, It will show the current skin Confluence if you haven’t changed the skin earlier. Besides that you can see a button reading get more skins, clicking on it. Now you will able to see a whole lot of user-made skins, look out for Amber and then click install. Sit back and look at the installation progress. Once the download is complete you will be notified about the same and will be asked if you want to make this change for real. Click Yes and the necessary changes will be applied.

    Amber is a lightweight skin and works very smoothly across all devices. Also, it offers you many functions like the custom home menu, custom home shelf and lets you add your custom home screen wallpaper. The author of this theme is Pecinko.

    Download Amber Skin

    2. Aeon NOX – Best Skin for Kodi Jarvis

    Aeon NOX – Best Skin for Kodi Jarvis

    Aeon Nox comes built-in Kodi Jarvis so you need not download any additional files for applying this theme. To install Aeon Nox you still have to follow the steps mentioned in the previous step to change from the default theme Confluence. After this is done and the current theme is changed to Aeon Nox you will be given an option to customize further to your preferences. This skin is a rare combination of a number of functionalities and beauty. It flaunts a modern look. For many Aeon Nox is only second to the famous default theme of Kodi Confluence. The author of this theme is BigNoid.

    Download Aeon Nox Skin

    3. Black Glass Nova

    Configuring, downloading and installing Black Glass Nova is the same as the previously explained procedure, just follow the same steps and you will be good to go. This theme is very easy to use and offers a lot of features which is why this skin is popular amongst the Kodi fans. The main features offered are customized home items, clear art, clear logo, album art downloader and offers various skin widgets. It is a treat for the eyes when viewed on a full HD TV. The author of this theme is Tgx.

    Download Black Glass Nova Skin

    4. ReFocus – Best Kodi Skin for Android Phone

    ReFocus – Best Kodi Skin for Android Phone

    Refocus is a very intuitive skin available for Kodi. Kodi is elegant, simple, refined, consistent and very well balanced skin. Kodi is very lightweight skin but still offers a wide range of offerings. Some of the features of the Refocus skin are touch support, lets the user download album art cover and also let’s customize home screen elements.

    To install this you will have to go system then settings then appearance then skin and then select more skins. This same step you can follow to apply themes on Kodi. The author of this theme is Jeroen.

    Download ReFocus Skin

    5. Xperience 1080

    Xperience 1080 Best Kodi Skins

    As said earlier the default skin on Kodi is very effective and elegant but this theme offers a little more customization. Xperience 1080 is a clean, modern 1920×1080 panel-based skin. Xperience 1080 provides a clean, full-width panel-based interface. The author of this theme is Piers.

    Download Xperience 1080 Skin

    6. Chroma  Best Kodi Skin for Firestick

    Chroma – Best Kodi Skin for Firestick

    Chroma is amongst those skins which are lightweight but would compete for any full-size skin with the number of offerings it provides on installing it. It actually has a matrix style green layout and this color is clearly dominant in every menu and every customization setting. The author of this theme is Tgxcorporation. As said, Chroma offers vast features for Kodi fans, some of the features are as follows: –

    • Set background transparency according to your liking.
    • Enable cDart
    • You can enable fanart
    • Enable clear logo
    • Download album art

    Download Chroma Skin

    7. Pellucid  Best Kodi Skins 2019

    Pellucid – Best Kodi Skins 2017

    Pellucid is a light and clean Kodi skin which design for family living room setups. It has a low memory footprint and performs very well on low power devices such as the Raspberry Pi 3. This skin is best for those peoples who love minimal graphics. The author of this theme is theDeadman.

    Some of the features are as follows: –

    • Full PVR support.
    • Menu customization using the “Skin Shortcuts” add-on.
    • Movie Showcase: Unique to Pellucid, the movie information screen makes maximum use of any extra fanart sourced via the artwork downloader addon.
    • Artist Slideshow support.
    • Support for the Rom Collection Browser add-on.

    Download Pellucid Skin

    So, I think this article on Kudo skins would have helped you on changing your current skin and personalize it according to your taste. Check the video tutorial below for a step by step procedure:

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Best Kodi Skins, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share 7 Best Kodi Skins 2020 | Top XBMC Themes with your friends. Let them get the fun of the latest Kodi Skins with their Kodi Setup.

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