Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List

    Dragalia Lost Tier List: Dragalia Lost is a swipe control action RPG about the bonds shared between humans and dragons. The game is developed by Cygames and is published by Nintendo. Players can conquer their enemies using an array of powerful attacks and special skills. The game has over 60 voiced characters that are ready and waiting to aid your quest. Players can also limited-time multiplayer battles with up to three other players online. The game also features music by Japanese artist DAOKO. The game is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases too. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes. The game is quite popular in Japan and has been nominated for several awards too. Although Dragalia Lost received quite mixed reviews from players around the globe.

    Tier lists are a method to rank the members of a similar category with each other. In this article, I’ll let you know Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List.

    Dragalia Lost Tier List


    Tier–1 list contains the absolute best Dragalia Lost Adventures. The adventures have the potential to win any battle and have an extreme level of skills and powers. They are the ultimate best of all the tiers.

    [table id=179 /]


    Tier–2 list contains good Dragalia Lost Adventures that are strong fighters but to have some minor weakness that can be ignored if used the right way. They have a nice set of skills too.

    [table id=180 /]


    Tier–3 list contains versatile Dragalia Lost Adventures that are unique but lack in some ways. They are great players when teamed up with players of the similar tier list.

    [table id=181 /]


    Tier–4 list contains average but helpful Dragalia Lost Adventures that are not the best to perform when they have to. They do not have a lot of abilities or skills but can be actually great for players who have just started playing the game.

    [table id=182 /]


    Tier–5 contains bad Dragalia Lost Adventures that have a lot of weaknesses as compared to strengths. They lack effective skills hence fall in this tier list. You can skip on these ones but try them out if you are a beginner.

    [table id=183 /]

    How to Upgrade Adventures?

    Adventures can be upgraded in different ways. Some of them are as follows:

    1. Unlocking Mana Circle

    Besides just levelling up the adventures normally, which in turn improves their stats there is also another way to upgrade them which is by Mana Circles. Mana is used to active nodes in the Mana circle for gaining the power to the adventures skills, co abilities, force strikes, and other abilities. You can earn Mana’s when someone selects your adventures for being a helper in the battle.

    It can be done by spending the Mana that is earned by quests rewards and different enemy loots. Adventures can gain a lot of permanent boosts to their strengths and HP, as well as unlock new side story content too. Adventures will gain the ability to perform charged attacks and can also activate their second active skills.

    How to unlock Mana Circle?

    To unlock the Mana Circle player, need Mana. There are 50 nodes to unlock and 4 nodes to unbind.

    2. Promotion Adventures

    Promotion Adventure is a way of upgrading adventures to an even higher rarity. For this Eldwater is required.

    What is Eldwater?

    Eldwater is quite valuable and hence it is quite hard to obtain. It also helps to unlock certain nodes in the Mana Circle. It is obtained whenever a duplicate adventure is summoned. Large one-time Eldwater rewards can be obtained by competing in the Campaign Chapters on Hard Mode.

    It takes around 2,500 to 25,00 eldwater to promote and upgrade adventures.

    3. Level Upgrading

    Different Upgrading Materials can be used to upgrade adventure levels. To upgrade adventure levels you need Might, HP, and Strength.

    Bronze crystal can be used to accelerate growth. It also increases adventures EXP. It can be obtained as a reward after clearing the Avenue to Power Events Quests ( Beginner / Standard / Expert ).

    Silver crystal can be used to accelerate growth and it will also help in moderately increasing an adventures EXP. It can be obtained after clearing the Avenue to Power Events Quests ( Beginner / Standard / Expert ) and Item Summoning.

    Gold crystal can be used to greatly increase an adventure EXP. It can be obtained as a reward after clearing the Avenue to Power Events Quest ( Standard / Expert ), Item Summoning, Purchase from Daily Shop, and other ways.

    What is Item Summoning?

    Item Summon is a daily summon item that performs only 6 times per day and you can use your Wyrmite to summon. You can not obtain adventures, dragons, weapons, wyrmprints though Item Summoning.

    To summon items, Tap on shop icon > Tap on Upgrade Essentials > Tap on Item Summon.

    A different list of items is available like Mana, Rupies, Silver Crystal, Gold Crystal, Ripe Dragonfruit, Light Orb, Radiance Orb, Silver Whetstone, Flame Orb, Inferno Orb, Water Orb, and so many other items.

    We hope that this article was quite helpful and informative for you. Also, let us know what you want to see next on our website.

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