Epic Seven Tier List

    Epic Seven Tier List: Epic Seven is a really popular mobile role-playing game (RPG) that is available on Google Play for absolutely free. The game has been installed by millions around the globe and has also received a lot of positive ratings too. The game is developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport. Epic Seven is available on both iOS and Android devices.

    The game has a vast and engaging storyline. It has other features like 2D Animations, PvP Arena, Raid Labrinth, full intense 3×3 battles, World Arena, World Boss, customizable team and so much more. Epic Seven is also available in different languages like English, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese (Traditional), German, French, and Spanish. Players can also make in-app purchases in the game. The game has an excellent user interface and amazing anime-styled graphics.

    In this article, we will let you know about the different Tier Lists in Epic Seven. Before we provide you with the Epic Seven Tier list, we want to let you know that the list is new and updated recently.

    Epic Seven Tier List


    Epic Seven S Tier

    S–Tier hero’s are the most powerful and the best set of hero’s in the game. The stats’ growth of these heroes is great and they have the best skills too. They can definitely help you win any battle.

    [table id=171 /]


    Epic Seven A Tier

    A–Tier has a stronger set of hero’s that make up most of the current meta.

    [table id=172 /]


    Epic Seven B Tier

    B–Tier has a good set of complementary hero’s with some niche use too.

    [table id=173 /]


    Epic Seven C Tier

    C–Tier Set of hero’s are neither good nor bad hence they are average performers.

    [table id=174 /]


    Epic Seven D Tier

    D–Tier set of hero’s have lackluster combat abilities and are least good or can say worst of all the other Tier hero’s. When you get them, you can trade them for better heroes for sure.

    [table id=175 /]


    Epic Seven F Tier

    F–Tier set of Hero’s are those hero’s that you could use if you have just started playing the game. It is recommended to change or trade these hero’s immediately for better hero’s as they are the worst in the game.

    [table id=176 /]


    How to use Coupons in Epic Seven?

    Players can enter their coupons by tapping on the Event banner in the main Lobby. After tapping on the event banner, there will be a pop-up. Within the pop-up will be a coupon button. Players must tap that and then enter their coupon in the space provided.

    How can I check my unique in-game account number?

    In order to locate your in-game account number, the player will first need to open Epic Seven and go to the Main Lobby. Then Tap on the “Settings” icon on the menu. Now select View your Account number in Account Info. Now you can view your unique in-game account number.

    How do I reduce the lagging in the game?

    If you are experiencing lag while playing Epic Seven then make sure that your game settings are proper. To adjust game settings, go to the Lobby and then tap on “Settings” and then click on “Game Settings”.

    We hope that this Epic Seven Tier List was helpful to you. Let us know your thoughts on the game and also let us know what you want to see next on our website.

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