Facebook Is All Set To Launch The ‘Downvote’ Button For Other Regions Than the US

    Facebook has begun developing the ‘downvote’ button with a much broader range of audience. To begin with, the feature was available for a small bite of users inside the United States of America. However now, the feature is predicted to be made available to a wider set of audience in the market throughout the world.

    Facebook Is All Set To Launch The ‘Downvote’ Button For Other Regions Than the US

    Downvote Button
    Downvote Button

    Facebook, However, made no formal bulletins whilst the button become initially released. The software customers noticed it themselves within the cutting-edge model of the FB mobile application. The feature seems restricted to public posts. For the ones US customers who have the feature to be had, they are able to see that each remark inside the thread could have an upvote and downvote choice with more than a few attached to expose the number of votes.

    Facebook is well aware of the vulnerability of this feature. This downvote button might be exploited by many users. It is exclusively tested for downvoting comments people disagree with on their feed.

    Facebook is introducing this feature along with the following message:

    Support comments that are thoughtful, and demote ones that are uncivil or irrelevant.

    Though the feature turned into being examined in the US, different regions inclusive of Australia and New Zealand have also witnessed wider downvote testing since the month of April this year and some selected users in the United States were given get entry to transient downvote function earlier this year in February.

    The overseas tests included the prompt stating “Press the down arrow if a comment has bad intentions or is disrespectful. It’s still okay to disagree in a respectful way” when the downvote button is clicked.

    It will be interesting to know that how far Facebook goes to ensure the credibility of this new feature.

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