Downvote “Bad Comments” On Facebook Through This New Feature

We all are guilty of wanting a button that could unlike certain posts or comments on Facebook. Sometimes we come across extremely offensive comments and we can do nothing but ignore them. However, Facebook has introduced a solution to this problem. Users can let Facebook know about comments which they feel is offensive or bad.

Downvote “Bad Comments” On Facebook Through This New Feature

Downvote “Bad Comments” On Facebook Through This New Feature

Facebook has been working on its new Downvote button for a quite long time. This Downvote button will let users give adverse feedback on Comments on pages which are public.

As per the reports by The Next Web, Facebook has started rolling out the Downvote button to more users.  It is happening for the first time that Facebook is enrolling a feature to downvote “bad comments”. This means that Facebook is completely trusting its users to mark offensive and hate comments on public posts.

Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to secure the privacy of its users, which is why the company has clarified that this feature is different from a dislike button. Downvote button will be hidden from the feed of the users. The person who did that comment will never know who downvoted his comments.

Just like we choose a reason for reporting a certain post, Users are also deeded to chose a reason for downvoting any comment. Users have to specify if the comment is “misleading”, “off-topic” or “offensive”.

downvote button

This new feature will prevent Facebook from spreading hate speech or false information on its platform. The availability of the downvote button is limited, we don’t know when it will reach to the users worldwide. This new feature is indeed a big positive step in light of all the backlash Facebook received after Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

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