Easy Ways To Get In-Game Rewards For Free

    If you’ve been playing a lot of online games recently, you’ve probably noticed that many of them feature loot box mechanics and in-game rewards to grab. Most of the time, these rewards are cosmetic; they don’t offer any kind of gameplay advantage but instead allow you to deck out your character in outlandish and ridiculous outfits or accessories. You might be surprised to learn that there are lots of ways you can unlock these rewards. Without further ado, we present to you the easiest way to get in-game rewards for free.

    Unlock them in-game

    This option should be obvious to anyone who plays videogames, but one of the easiest ways to unlock in-game rewards for yourself is simply to play the games in which they appear. If the game is well-designed, it shouldn’t be too difficult to unlock the rewards; it should require a modicum of effort, of course – otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun – but it shouldn’t take too long. For an example of how to design in-game reward systems wrong, look no further than EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II. Simply playing the game should net you the rewards you want, even if it takes a little more time.

    Try a rewards site

    There are many sites out there that allow you to earn rewards in-game without needing to actually play. These sites often give you the chance to earn simply by browsing the internet or checking out ads, so they’re very time-efficient. The best of them offer easy methods to earn Robux, Call of Duty: Warzone credits, Fortnite V-Bucks, or whatever currency you’re currently after. If you pick the right site, you shouldn’t need to expend much effort at all to unlock these rewards and the returns should be pretty solid. Make sure to shop around!

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    Take some online surveys

    Believe it or not, some sites will actually pay you to fill out surveys for them. The quality of these sites varies wildly, as does the potential payout. For this reason, just as with the rewards sites we mentioned, it’s very important to make sure you do your research before you decide to settle on a survey site. Of course, the rewards aren’t going to be colossal; they’ll likely be proportionate to the amount of effort you’re putting in. With that said, most of these surveys only take a few minutes to fill out, so you’ll be on your way to in-game gift cards in no time.

    Check for sweepstakes and competitions

    Sites like HotUKDeals and r/giveaways are worth keeping an eye on as often as you can because they’ll often link to sites which are offering the chance to win free stuff. A lot of the time, this free stuff takes the form of gift cards, many of which are for in-game currency for popular games like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Apex Legends. You need to make sure you check back regularly because these offers can be ephemeral; they often shift around, and what was being given away yesterday won’t necessarily still be around tomorrow.

    Try some cashback apps

    If you use cashback apps properly, you can make a pretty significant amount of cash simply by shopping at your regular supermarket. You can then cash that money in to buy whatever in-game currency you like. Apps like ClickSnap and Topcashback are the best places to start; they’ll often offer you decent beginner’s rates and will reward you for continued usage, too. If you’re serious about making money back from shopping, you definitely need to have one of these apps installed, because you’re missing out on a potential goldmine if you don’t.

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    Give Microsoft Rewards a go

    There’s a pretty big caveat hanging over Microsoft Rewards right from the off: it’ll only give you credit for the Microsoft Store. Still, you can easily view this as in-game currency; if you’re playing games within the Microsoft Store, you can use the money you earn through Microsoft Rewards as store credit to pay for DLC and extra items within Microsoft Store titles. You can get reward points for completing quizzes or other fun activities, searching through Microsoft’s proprietary Bing tool, and plenty of other Microsoft-related stuff. It’s well worth checking out if you have a Windows device.

    Use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service

    Mechanical Turk – or MTurk, as the kids call it – is a service that allows businesses to farm out menial tasks that can’t be done by machines or AI. You can sign up for the service and agree to complete one of these tasks. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be rewarded with Amazon credit, which you can then use to buy yourself some in-game currency cards. MTurk isn’t particularly rewarding on a short-term basis, but you’ll soon find the tasks you’re completing will add up. Accumulating cash on MTurk becomes much easier if you view it as a secondary income supplement.

    Ask for in-game currency as gifts

    When your birthday or Christmas rolls around, your family and friends can often struggle with what to get you. Gifts for gamers are notoriously difficult to buy; it’s very easy to get the gift idea wrong and accidentally purchase something that you won’t want to use. That’s why you should simply ask your friends and family to get you in-game currency for your favorite title. This way, you’re getting large caches of currency and in-game rewards for free, and you do not have to work for them, and you’re also making sure the gifts you receive are wanted and needed.

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