How To Change .cfg to .txt File in Windows 7/8/10

    Hello, HowTechHackian’s! Today in this article I will teach you how to convert or change a .cfg file to .txt file in Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10. Excited? Let’s go then!

    But before we go straight into business, we should explain what a .cfg file is.

    how to change cfg to txt
    how to change cfg to txt

    What is .cfg File?

    Well, a .cfg or a .config file extension is usually used with files that are compatible with many different programs which are made for storing some specific storage settings. They can be of various looks – some of them are plain text ones, whereas others are stored in a format unique to a certain program that requires that specific format.

    One of the examples of that is a MAME .cfg file. It is used in order to store some keyboard settings which are saved in an XML-based format. This very type of a configuration file has various shortcut keys, keyboard mapping settings on it that are a must for the MAME video game emulator.

    Some other programs are capable of creating their own configuration file extensions. Some of those familiar to you are web.config files, which are created via Microsoft Visual Studio, or those made up by a Wesnoth Markup Language. Yet where the Wesnoth’s extension is the same, it’s type is not. It is not a configuration file as one would think. These consist of a plain text which is written in the programming language called WML.

    Please note that some of the file extensions used for a .cfg file might be appended to the file name, only with the .config or a .cfg added in the end. This would look something like this:

    If a certain file is one used for settings and is originally a setup.exe, the configurated file would look like setup.exe.cfg.

    We have already explained how to open .cfg file, so we thought that we would get down to explaining to you how to convert it

    We don’t think a .config file should necessarily be converted because the program you are using it in might not find it after the conversion. Yet if that is what you want, we cannot give it to you! You, however, have to keep in mind that a converted .cfg or a .config file might afterward be used in the program with its default settings that will not know how to find your file or work with it, after all.

    How To Change .cfg to .txt File in Windows 7/8/10

    If all of that is clear to you, then here is the conversion guide to change .cfg to .txt file:

    The Internet has so many options for you to pick, so you can do that online. Yet if you have to complete the process several times, you might want to download a special program that would do that. Such programs are able to convert text files to formats like .xml, .yaml, .json and so on. Play with it for however long you would like to!

    You can also use a text editor of choice. Those can either change a .cfg to a .config, or do bigger things like .cfg to .txt. If you do that, your file will be opened with Windows Notepad by default. However, that won’t really change the core structure of the file, which makes it a safer option. The format will remain the same, only the file will be possible to open more swiftly.

    We really hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, and if so, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section down below!

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