Home Technology Movavi Video Converter: Quick & Simple Multimedia Converter

Movavi Video Converter: Quick & Simple Multimedia Converter

Movavi Video Converter: Quick & Simple Multimedia Converter

Movavi has been successful in software development business for years and their main goal is creating simple yet powerful programs for non-professional users. Movavi Video Converter 18 ticks all the boxes: it’s fast, it’s simple and it can convert any multimedia file. What’s so different about this video converter? Read the article and find out.

Movavi Video Converter: Quick & Simple Multimedia Converter

Movavi Video Converter: Quick & Simple Multimedia Converter

Movavi Video Converter is a software program which can change the storage format of any digital video. It can easily convert any video format to your choice of format. This software takes less time to convert multimedia compare to other software.

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The main feature of Movavi Video Converter that distinguishes it from its analogues is that it’s not stuffed with unnecessary functions, yet has everything the user needs. For instance, the program can be integrated into the Windows context menu, so you can right-click on the file and choose the option to convert it using Movavi without launching the tool beforehand.

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Upload files to the program first choosing any convenient way: drag them to the window, click the button in the middle or use the Add media button. Next, you should choose the destination folder for the files and the output format. The list of video formats is quite big, plus each of them suggests options for codec and resolution. You can convert between MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, SWF, MXF, and more. Plus, you can scale videos up to HD or Full HD and work with videos in 4K resolution.

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Moreover, if you want to convert video for a particular mobile device, you’ll just need to click the Devices tab and choose the model from the list. There is also an automatic device detection feature that you can use to your advantage. Just connect the device to the computer, click the button with a cell phone icon and it will be identified automatically.

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Movavi Video Converter can process audio as well. You can organize your music collection converting songs between MP3, WAV, FLAC, AC3, M4A, M4B, AU, and other formats that you’ll find in the Audio tab. Plus, you can extract soundtracks from any video.

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GIFs, that are extremely popular on social nets and in messengers, can also be made with the help of this video converter. This is done by uploading a video to the program and trimming it in the built-in editor. Click Edit, mark the beginning and the end of the fragment you need and then delete the rest. Choose GIF as an output format in the Images tab and select its size – it’s just that simple.

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These features comprise just a small part of what the Movavi Video Converter can do. With its help, you can prepare videos for uploading to YouTube, organize your movie collection and reduce the file size too.

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It is also necessary to say that the program uses various types of speeding up the conversion:

  • using NVIDIA GPU
  • Intel hardware acceleration
  • SuperSpeed mode

The first two types depending on your computer’s characteristics. The last one – SuperSpeed – can be used almost with every format on the condition that you don’t change the codec and bitrate. Thus, decoding and re-encoding won’t be necessary, which increases the conversion speed in a significant way.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you made use of our Movavi Video Converter Download, didn’t you?

In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

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