How to Enable VPN on Opera for Windows

    Every PC user has experienced those moments where you are seeking for the right web browser. There are also various reasons and priorities for seeking out what browser you may want to use. This could be in giving priority to fast performance, flexibility levels or even much better security.

    Whatever the reason is, you always have to make a choice until you are able to find the most suitable for you. The choice of the right web browser to use may yet be a very tricky one, like the browser you use now may not even be the best even while being used on the best laptop. The Opera browser remains one of the best browsers available and along with its features, it is also easy for one to go ahead and enable VPN to work on it.

    How to Enable VPN on Opera for Windows

    How to Enable VPN on Opera for Windows
    How to Enable VPN on Opera for Windows

    Sadly, but truthfully, such a great browser as Opera only accounts for only 1 percent of all browsers market. It does launch very fast and comes with a brilliant User Interface. It is also able to offer much more than most of its peers even for good measure that it keeps screaming at every PC user to go ahead and get their Opera download.

    There is also the Opera Turbo feature which works to compress web traffic and makes a big difference when we speak about browser speed despite your internet connection having issues. With the reduction of the amount of data being transferred, the re-routing also dodges any content restrictions which your ISP may place on your browsing. Notably, Opera is also integrated with WhatsApp web and works to duck out of the way if you are making use of secure sites like that of financial services companies in order that the traffic is free and without obstruction f any potential violation of privacy. This is a hot topic amongst most browser users.

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    There is also an ad-blocker integrated alongside a battery-saving mode option for when your laptop needs to go for longer without charge. All these then combine to make Opera one of the best browsers around and you can see clearly why it gets all the top props.

    When you Download Opera Browser, it does also come with the VPN option which is essentially free and no-log. For you to be able to use the VPN service after you must have installed and run the Opera browser, you will be required to enable it from the browser settings. To do so; you will have to follow the steps highlighted below;

    • In Opera, go to the Settings tab
    • In the sidebar, make sure it is the Advanced option that you click
    • Then you can go on to click the Privacy and Security option
    • Under the VPN box, click on the Enable VPN.
    Enable VPN on Opera for Windows
    Enable VPN on Opera for Windows

    Once these steps have been followed judiciously, you are now able to see the VPN button on the left side of the address and search bar in the Opera browser interface. Once you click on this button, the VPN window pops up and then you can proceed to turn on the VPN.

    What Opera does and offers is to help you find the optimal virtual location for your use. You can also choose from one of the following server locations – Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

    Notably, using Opera’s VPN option works to change the virtual location while you browse. This essentially influences whatever search results your search engine offers up to you at any given time. For instance, one you intend to search for restaurants while in New York, your recommendations, with the VPN turned on, maybe some upscale restaurant located in Lagos, Portugal depending on what location your VPN is currently based on.

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    The VPN option or feature that comes with Opera’s web browser on Windows ensures its users are offered the opportunity to browse the web with higher security for free and without bandwidth limits. The VPN uses proxy to ensure the traffic is encrypted and thus offers a less secure option than a standalone VPN service.

    One of the advantages of working with the VPN from Opera is that it works perfectly with Netflix which is something most VPNs have been prohibited from doing by Netflix itself. It is also easy to set up and turn on by simply following the steps we have highlighted before once you Download Opera Browser. Logging on to Opera VPN is quite harmless too giving the number of issues encountered with certain VPN services and their level of security.

    With all its great advantages, it is pertinent to remember that Opera VPN is not even a true VPN service. It only works within the browser and that its entire extent of operation having discontinued the standalone product sometime back.

    The Opera VPN does not offer any support for mobile, routers and does not even have compatibility with any smart device. It is only applicable for 1 percent of the users of all the browsers globally. This statistic does not look good in terms of its spread but may just be a tool for ensuring its core customers are retained. There is also the issue of a tradeoff between speed and higher security. The opera browser is already known for its speed depicted by its Opera Turbo feature. However, using Opera VPN does limit this speed amidst ensuring you browse more securely. This is a fact all users should know.

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