How to OUTSMART Every Player in MODERN WARFARE 2

    Without a doubt, Modern Warfare 2 is a single and multiplayer action game. This means the game has a wide community of gamers from different parts of the world, ranging from beginners to professionals. For this, it can be tricky and nearly impossible to rank on the scoreboard. 

    The good news is that we have some effective strategies you can implement in the game and outsmart other players. 

    8 Ways to Outsmart Every Player in Modern Warfare 2

    If you’re a newcomer to Modern Warfare 2, we recommend you visit Meanwhile, let’s look at how to play smarter than other players below. 

    Following your map direction, always sneak-follow your teammates. Don’t follow back-to-back. Every shortcut you take brings you back to them, so you don’t need to worry about losing them unless they’re down.

    Separating from your teammates puts you in a great position to win gunfights. It’ll help you flank the enemy too. Thanks to this tactical version of COD.

    • Adopt Flanking as You Play

    Flanking can be dangerous, but it helps you attack enemies without their knowledge. Your map shows you the spot to find the enemies. You just have to sneak up behind them and take them out. 

    Also, make sure you pre-aim on the go. It helps keep you combat-ready to take down any target you spot. 

    • Attack from Higher Grounds

    Find a building in the battle area. If it has windows and doors, you can patrol back and forth. That way, you can sight and take out enemies with ease. 

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    Since you’ll need to be on the lookout, ambushing may not be ideal. So, from tall structures, you can scout around, pick enemy positions, and launch your shots.

    • Use Trackers in Gunfights

    Trackers are powerfully helpful as they spot trails of enemy footprints and death markers. The good part is that the kill markers are invisible to the enemy team. So, you and your teammates can make the most of this Base Perk till the final stage of the game.

    Not only does the tracker spot enemies, but it also allows you to resupply your ammo or change a weapon once an enemy is dead. 

    The only downside about trackers is that you can only unlock them at Level 24. Nevertheless, be vigilant and try to live up to level 24. 

    • Think Quickly and Wisely 

    Thinking quickly and wisely is important if you must outsmart other players in Modern Warfare 2. Don’t try to be violent or pushy once you’re outnumbered. This is when you need to take cover.

    Look out for the best opportunity to flank and try to stick to the outskirts of the map. Use your UAV to find out the enemies’ position. This will help during flanking.

    • Make Use of Local Streaks

    This is where your UAVs come in handy. In COD Modern Warfare 2, you need up to 15 kills to receive a Ghost kill streak. 4 kills with 625 points give you a Bomb Drone. 

    You can use a UAV once. That’s sad. But the best part is that you’ll always get a new UAV with 3 kills and 500 points. 

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    You can also get a Counter UAV with 5 kills and 625 points. Moreover, you get many rewards according to specified kills and points. You can outsmart players with your killstreaks and become the overall winner of the gunfight.

    • Adopt Strategic Camping 

    This simply means moving from one vantage point to the other. Once you kill so many enemies in a particular section and there’s quietness for a while, move out. 

    Your gunshots are prone to draw attention to that location. So, map out a new location for your next flank.

    • Don’t Stop Moving around the Map

    This is one of the best ways to outsmart other players in this game. The enemies can’t pinpoint your location if you’re constantly on the move. It’s harder to kill a moving target than a static one. Try finding the perfect positioning against the enemy all the time. 

    Note it’s easier to move from one point to the other if you know the map well. Mastering the routes provides you with overall map awareness and knowledge.


    Playing smarter and staying alive with the right tips and tricks is easy. One important tip is to pre-aim on the go always; this will help you take down enemies faster. 

    As you advance and explore Modern Warfare 2, think wisely, quickly, and tactically. Don’t forget always to take cover and be vigilant!

    With these tips, you can outsmart every player in the game.


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