iPhone 12 Mini & iPhone 12 Pro Max: The Smallest and the Biggest iPhones Till Date

    The iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max are finally here, bringing the smallest and the biggest iPhones in the entire line up. They landed in-store worldwide on Friday, November 13.

    iPhone 12 mini is really the first small iPhone that Apple has released with next-gen features like face id and the minimal bezels on the front. It has a decently sized 5.4inch screen despite having a much smaller body. In terms of design, it is not much different from the standard iPhone 12. You have the same design with the vibrate switch, volume button, and the sim tray on the left side with the power button and a little window for a better 5G connection on the right side. On the back, you have the same dual-camera system as on the standard 12 With one of the cameras being for wide (main camera) and the other for ultra-wide.

    This is operable with one hand because of the small size but one may face some typing troubles because of everything being fitted into the narrow screen. Overall it’s the most comfortable iPhone to hold in the hand because of the new flat edge design which gives much grip.

    In the iPhone 12 mini box, you get the standard documentation and a single apple sticker, and then a USB-C to lightning cable. There is no power adapter included and nor the wired earphones that Apple used to include.

    Moving to the iPhone 12 pro max. This will obviously cost you some extra bucks. It has a 6.7inch screen which is the biggest screen ever in an iPhone.

    Now because the iPhone 12 pro max is a pro model it gets a more premium finish with stainless steel around the edges and a matte finish on the back. The real difference with the pro models is, they come with more advanced camera systems with four sensors instead of two. You get the same wide and ultra-wide cameras as on the mini but you also get a telephoto lens that zooms in 2.5x, as well as an unusual LiDar sensor that helps autofocus and AR. It also has an upgraded camera sensor which is able to capture more light for low light conditions. It has sensor-shift stabilization where the sensor itself adjusts to account for shaky hands, whereas on the other models the stabilization happens only in the lens. So this should definitely be the best camera system on any iPhone.

    The contents in the box of iPhone 12 pro max are the same as iPhone 12 mini which are the customary documentation, USB-C to lighting cable, and an apple sticker. It does not come with an adapter or wired earphones.

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