Ledger Nano X and Ledger Live App: Best way to Store Your Cryptocurrencies

    Privacy is everything! Agree or disagree, that makes up the most of our lives today. In many ways and by many guys, our data is been stolen from us for free and traded them for money. Yet, we get nothing from the business we’re included in.

    Ledger Nano X and Ledger Live App: Best way to Store Your Cryptocurrencies

    Ledger Nano X and Ledger Live App
    Ledger Nano X and Ledger Live App

    While people are becoming more rational about privacy, they started valuing Cryptocurrencies and other privacy-centric devices. One such device is – Ledger Wallet!

    This tiny USB type device let users store their valuable cryptos securely.

    With the hit of Ledger Nano S (sold about 1.5million units), the company has unveiled its second generation product of same class, the Ledger Nano X. A Bluetooth enabled hardware wallet with advanced security.

    Nano X Hardware Wallet:

    Nano X Hardware Wallet
    Nano X Hardware Wallet

    The hardware is simple and cute. A flash-drive type with two buttons and one screen. It’s Bluetooth enabled, provisioned to connect the Ledger Live app. Thus, making it easy to check the balance and transact.

    (In case you wanted to go in a traditional way, it supports 64-bit Windows 8+, Linux and MacOS 10.8+ with connectivity through USB Type-C.)

    Storage and Security:

    The private keys are stored separately within the hardware wallet and are protected by CC EAL5+ tech.

    Nano X can hold upto 100 cryptocurrencies and in case of losing the wallet, the user can always restore the accounts with a 24-word passphrase which was set up during initialization. No wonder they had awarded with “Innovation in Cyber Security and Personal Privacy” in CES 2019 event.

    Ledger Live App:

    Ledger Live App
    Ledger Live App

    Clean and smooth. The app can be navigated easily and supports the versions of iOS 9+ and Android 5 and above. has just unveiled the app on its blog post, shared via Twitter. Available in Playstore and Appstore.

    Besides Nano X, users of Nano S and Nano blue can install and integrate to check their balances.

    App linkAndroid | iOS

    Priced at ₹10,067.77 and up for pre-orders via The sale will be commenced from March and it’s unsure about availability through Amazon.

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