Make strategic cannabis business decisions with data analytics.

    Looking for a cannabis data and market intelligence solution that provides information on purchasing behavior, retail trends, and consumer insights? To get cannabis industry analytics, you should subscribe to CannaSpyGlass services. Why do cannabis dispensaries use cannabis software? Which features should cannabis software have?

    Cannabis software.

    It helps to improve the cannabis experience by ensuring efficient growth and enabling you to find your favorite strain. It is used by cannabis dispensaries to:

    • Collect payments.
    • Maintain accurate tax records.
    • Track inventory.

    Features of cannabis software.

    1. Client database.

    To ensure your business complies with cannabis regulations, this software should have data collecting features. Some of the information collected includes ID verification and management of prescriptions. The best client database should store documents safely, keep medical profiles and maintain communication logs with their customers. 

    2. Hardware integration.

    Handheld scanners are used to track growth and production. This reduces the amount of data management required hence maximizing the efficiency of your business. 

    3. Accounting.

    This system uses real-time data to predict growth by gathering information from inventory data. It allows the users to create budgets. It helps retailers to stay organized at all times and keeps accurate records.

    4. Inventory management.

    Keeping accurate inventory allows retailers to keep track of sales as they are made in real-time. It also allows them to update their stock after each transaction. This feature enables retailers to record the products that need to be re-stocked and the product that is not selling well. 

    5. Payment processing.

    This feature allows your business to process payments. Depending on your preference you may choose the payment option of using cards or cash transactions. 

    6. Compliance report and analytics.

    It generates reports about the compliance of cannabis in any jurisdiction. This feature is essential in the cannabis business since it helps with:

    • Report generation.
    • Quality control.
    • It keeps you in the know about cannabis regulation that is constantly changing.

    Advantages of cannabis software.

    It is a system that will help your dispensary to track your day-to-day processes. It makes the completion of time-consuming tasks easy and helps with inventory and sales transactions.

    a. Tracks your inventory.

    This software keeps track of the number of products sold and stocked, package labeling, and weighing. Your list of products may keep growing since you may need to re-stock a specific strain that finished. Inventory management helps to make your work easy. 

    b. It makes compliance easy.

    If you do not want to lose your business license, you should comply with your state’s regulations. Depending on the state, dispensary operators are required to notify the state about their sales number regularly. It will be very tiresome to start gathering every receipt used for a certain period. Using this software eliminates the chances of an error during calculations.


    Cannabis software is advantageous in running your business efficiently. It helps consumers to find their favorite strain and ensures your business grows. Cannabis dispensaries use this system to collect payments, maintain accurate tax records, and track inventory. Client database, accounting, inventory management, compliance report and analytics, hardware integration, and payment processing are some of the features of cannabis software. The advantage of this software is that it helps to track inventory and makes compliance easy.

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