Microsoft Launches 2 New Windows 10 Previews with High Efficiency Image File Format

    Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to improve its windows operations day by day. Today, Microsoft released two new Windows 10 previews with High-Efficiency Image File format. The two previews are named as WINDOWS 10 BUILD 17623 and WINDOWS 10 BUILD 17123.

    Microsoft Launches 2 New Windows 10 Previews with High Efficiency Image File Format

    Microsoft Launches 2 New Windows 10 Previews with High Efficiency Image File Format

    WINDOWS 10 BUILD 17623 is for Windows Insiders who chose the Jump Forward option as very few Insiders can choose to Skip Ahead because Microsoft still did not develop the RS4.

    WINDOWS 10 BUILD 17623 has many bug fixes and general improvements like the correction of problems affecting the use of the mixed reality of Windows in the previous versions and problem causing the touchpad lock when the focus was placed to certain password fields.

    This version of Windows 10 has more specifications like Safe deletion of applications as it tells you the names of the applications that are running on an external GPU. You can update privacy settings and improve Windows Defender Application Guard. Also, you can safely remove external GPU connected through Thunderbolt.

    Windows 10 Previews
    Image Source: Windows Central

    WINDOWS 10 BUILD 17123 supports High-Efficiency Image Format(HEIF) that needs codecs like High-Efficiency Video Coding(HEVC). HEIF supports Coding image sequence, auxiliary images like depth maps, Image collections, HDR and video images. This is definitely better than earlier formats like PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

    High-Efficiency Image Format will be supported in any application that uses WIC, WinRT Imaging API or XAML image control and for thumbnails and metadata in the File Explorer.

    This version also includes many general bug fixes and improvements which we don’t see in earlier compilations of the Windows 10.

    You need to have the 2018.18022.1374.0 or the later version of Windows Application Preview Program for the photos application to run this preview. You must install HEIF and HEVC media extensions of the Microsoft store in Photos application.

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