Mobile App Marketing: 3 Reasons Why It Holds Tremendous Importance Today

    Smartphones are called smart because of the multiple smart features that they bring to us of course, but there are always one or more applications running on them that make each of those features work in a real-life scenario. Without quality applications to power a smartphone, it simply does not remain a “smart” phone anymore.

    So, how is any of that relevant to business and marketing? You probably know the answer already, but just in case you have only started getting acquainted with the technical side of modern business, or if you want to keep yourself updated with the latest advantages of app marketing, do read on.

    Almost Everyone has a Smartphone

    Truth be told, not everyone uses a smartphone yet, but unless your brand specifically deals with people living outside the civilized world, it is quite likely that a large section of your target demographics will have at least one, if not several smart devices. It is also quite likely that most of them spend a chunk of their waking hours, staring at one screen or the other.

    Smartphones, however, are winning this race by a huge margin, since all stats point towards the fact that most Australians and pretty much people around the globe, in general, spend more time looking at their smartphones than they spend looking at any other type of display. Mobile phones are also portable devices with multiple app-powered capabilities which make them a marketing tool on the go as well. Be in terms of business mobility, marketing, or accessibility, app/mobile marketing is the most far-reaching medium today.

    Mobile Marketing

    Investing in Mobile Marketing is Not Really Optional

    Most articles on the web will tell you that just by investing in mobile marketing alone, you will have an edge over the competition. That, however, is not true anymore. The problem with this ideology of mobile marketing giving businesses an edge is that it is a dated idea.

    There was a time when mobile marketing was still in its early developmental stage and companies that invested in-app marketing campaigns were far and few in between. This naturally gave them an edge over the competition because they were doing something advantageous that others were not. Today, however, nearly every company is investing heavily into app marketing, which means that by simply investing in such a campaign you will just be doing the necessary work to stay at par with the competition, instead of getting ahead of them.

    That does not mean that you cannot use the smartphone platform to elevate your business to its next level of growth of course, but we will get to that in the next section. As for the point here, understand that due to the wide adoption of app marketing in nearly every segment of the industry, mobile marketing campaigns are not optional, but practically essential to stay relevant in this extremely competitive digital market.

    There is Still the Opportunity to Stand Out and Get Ahead

    Despite app marketing turning out to be more essential than optional, there is still an opportunity to excel over the competition here. The truth is that while most sectors and the companies working within those sectors might have realized the importance and necessity of this marketing medium, not every mobile marketer out there can do it well enough.

    Appetiser Apps is one of Australia’s premier app development and app marketing companies with a history of working with multinational names like Samsung and Lego, among countless others. Putting their expertise and experience at work, they have compiled these app marketing strategies that take all aspects from demographics and SEO to social media and even ASO into account. If you are looking to build a comprehensive app marketing strategy from the ground up, that is the only piece you will need to check out.

    The technology itself is still in its developmental stage and has not matured entirely, and without sufficient experience in relevant fields, there is only so much that an app developer and marketer can do for you. Having experience in a field that is in itself so new is rare, but if you can get an app development team and marketer with that rare level of experience, that truly could give you a serious edge over others in mobile marketing.

    These are not the only reasons, but they are the prime ones for sure. The Bottomline is, if both your target audience and your competition are unified by a single marketing medium, there is no possible way that you can ignore it and progress down the line. Even if you manage to do so presently, the slack will gradually increase, and making up for it in the future would prove to be quite difficult, if not impossible.

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