Netflix cancels its first one Month Trial Period

    By the title itself, you must be wondering about the cancellation of Netflix’s first one-month trial service.

    So, you read it right, now you have to pay the least amount for enjoying all of Netflix shows for the first month!

    Netflix the massive US Streaming company used to provide the best-in-class quality of streaming shows on its streaming site! Till yesterday, we had the chance to take the full advantage of trying out Netlfix for the first one month completely for free then after one month if you like their service you can continue to pay and watch more shows.
    But from now, Netflix has officially announced that they have taken off the first one-month free service instead you need to pay just Rs. 05.00 for the one month service!

    Yes, You read it right! You just have to pay Rs. 05.00 for the first trial month and then you can change off to its normal plan if you are looking to continue so.

    netflix partnership with Cadbury 5 Star

    It seems like Netflix has made a partnership with Cadbury 5 Star! Through which you can get the whole Netflix subscription equal to the price of Cadbury 5 Star!

    Netflix did make an announcement before that they are looking to list out various offers for Indian markets, maybe this was their first approach.

    Netflix’s Rs. 05.00 Subscription – Whom all are eligible

    Although, this offer is only valid for the users who are fist signing off into Netflix.

    Eligibility totally depends on how lucky you are. Reports say that the offer is only available to select new members who are joining the streaming service, which means not all new users will be availed.

    This clearly shows that all of the existing Netflix account holders won’t see it at all.

    In Addition, the offer will be restricted to the users who sign up on computers and Android phones.

    Netflix cost in india

    For what it’s worth though, it’s applicable to whichever Netflix plan you choose, be it the Rs. 199 mobile plan, Rs. 499 basic plan, Rs. 649 standard plan, Rs. 799 premium plan”.

    A Netflix spokesperson said: “This is a new marketing promotion designed to help more people discover Netflix. Depending on its success, we may roll it out on other places as well.

    It was introduced out of India in December.

    In Addition, Netflix did say that this offer might be expanded in the future, which clearly says that it’s worth noting it’s not a “price test”.

    This offer separates it from the way when Netflix tested the Rs. 199 mobile-only plan before rolling it out in July 2019, or the heavily discounted long-term plans that weren’t ultimately rolled out.

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