OnePlus announced that they will roll out a new feature like “Ambient Mode” in Google Assistant

    Ambient Mode has officially launched
    Ambient Mode has officially launched

    In the year 2019, Google announced a new Assistant feature in Google Assistant which named as “Ambient Mode

    Ambient Mode in Google Assistant helps you to turn your phone into a sort-of smart screen while it’s charging.

    These features could be so important as this enables you to have a look at to displays important information on the smartphone’s ambient display.

    Assistant Ambient Mode in Oneplus Device
    Google Assistant’s new feature “Ambient Mode” in Oneplus Device

    After its release, The Ambient mode soon started to get rolling out to more Android smartphones by November of 2019, and now, After a long demand from consumers, OnePlus also said that they will also come into their OnePlus smartphones as well.

    According to a post on the OnePlus forums, this new feature will be rolled out and will be availed on the devices from OnePlus 3 and above models.

    What is Ambient Mode all about?

    Ambient Mode in Oneplus 6T
    Ambient Mode in Oneplus 6T

    With Ambient Mode, the Assistant on your phone screen, which shows a few important information like context, location, and time among possibly other factors could be shown.

    Let us explain, if you set your phone to charge at night, the Ambient Mode might display the weather for the next day, along with any events or reminders’ schedules and everything you need.

    Ambient mode feature can also be helpful to convert your phone into a digital photo frame or an interface with which you can control your smart home.

    Enabling Ambient Mode is easy, you can simply connect your phone to the charger, tap on the notification that pops up, and set up Ambient Mode on your phone.

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