10 Best Roku Private Channels of 2021 (with Access Codes)

    Roku Private Channels: Roku makes it quite easy and affordable to watch your favourite TV shows and series. Roku devices act as the home for all of your entertainment so you can streamline your setup, replace your expensive cable equipment, and watch what you like. The choice of what to watch and what to pay for is up to you. Roku products bring the fun and convenience of streaming to your big screen TV.

    Roku offers different devices like Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Box, and Roku TV. In 2017, Roku launched its own streaming channels for its Roku devices.

    In this article, I’ll let you know about 10 Best Roku Private channels of 2020 with their assess codes.

    10 Best Roku Private Channels of 2021 (with Access Codes)

    List of 10 Best Roku Private Channels with Access Codes:
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    1. Nowhere TV

    Nowhere TV is a free channel and offers audio and video podcasts, TV shows, newscasts and so much more. It is one of the oldest private channels of Roku. You can find various types of content like BBC, CBS, HBO, PBS, NPR, Khan Academy, Fox News, Bloomberg Live News, CNN, and much more. You can also find access to science, technology, kids, gaming, and sports-related channels. There is also an international podcast from France, Germany, Russia, and other international localities available. So, you can find a variety of entertainment and knowledge in just one place.

    2. Relax Time

    Relax Time is a free channel that offers relaxing audio and video backgrounds for your TV. The content the channel provides is peaceful and stress releasing. The videos on the channel may last up to 30 minutes and also up to 8 hours too. It is a great channel if you just want to sit back and relax at the comfort of your home listening to the ocean, birds, air, and different sound of nature. The videos are generally filmed with a stationary camera and are run nonstop for a particular period of time.

    Access Code:


    3. Wilderness Channel

    Wilderness is a free channel that offers content related to nature and travel. People who will love this channel are hikers, nature lovers, campers, bikers, travellers, outdoor lovers, hunters, fishers, and nature lovers. The channel’s goal is to helps celebrate wilderness in order to help preserve it for future generations to come and to turn more and more people on to the amazing resources that the wilderness provides to us. You can also find Livestream broadcast of Wilderness Channels like America’s Wilderness, Secrets of Stealth Camping, Alone in the Wilderness and so many more.

    Access Code:


    4. iTunes Podcasts

    iTunes Podcasts is a free private channel that offers audio and video podcasts. To use this channel, you do not need to install iTunes or even have an iTunes account. But only free podcasts are available through this channel. You can also search podcasts on any specific topic you want to listen to. Hence with this channel, you can listen and explore various recently streamed podcasts at your home on your TV. Your favourite and recently streamed podcasts are easily accessible from the channel’s home screen.

    5. The Silent Movie Channel

    The Silent Movie Channel is a free channel that offers you a variety of silent films from different countries and also different genres. You can find classic silent film icons like Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton and so many more. The channel also keeps updating the content on their channel regularly. You can also choose from different genres like Comedy, Drama, Romance, Animation, Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Documentary, and Science Fiction.

    Access Code:


    6. My Channels

    My Channels is a free channel. The channel helps you to organize all your channels. This makes things easier for you. You can move My Channels to the top of your Roku’s Home Screen to make it easier to access. Hence now you can arrange your Roku channels into custom made groups made by you.

    Access Code:


    7. Roku Movies

    Roku Movies is a free legal channel that offers you HD quality collection of movies. You can find movies from different genres like Adventures, Horror, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction, Animation, Documentary and so much more. You can also find some old classic and silent movies as well as no this channel. Hence it is a great channel for all types of movies.

    Access Code:


    8. SpaceTime Free

    SpaceTime Free is a free private channel that offers a variety of video content that is provided by different space agencies from around the globe. The majority of HD quality of content is supplied by NASA. This channel is great if you love astronomy or want to explore it. There are different categories available on the channel like Solar System, Space Travel, Astrophysics, Historical and Deep Sky.

    9. Bloomberg TV+

    Bloomberg TV+ is a free channel that offers Live TV channels and videos related to business and financial news. It also offers a variety of episodes from different news network shows. The channel provides some of your favourite shows like Game Changers, Street Smart, Charlie Rose, In the Loop and so many more. The content of the channel is constantly updated. The content is also separated into different categories like Top Videos, Channels, Recently Added, Most Watched Today and Most Watched this Week.

    Access Code:


    10. KOOL-TV

    KOOL-TV is a free private channel that offers a variety of content. It offers content like vintage movies from the 1940s through the 1960s, classic shows, local news, local weather, and local programming. The local programming includes central Minnesota collegiate sports, local origin shows, religious programming. The video quality of the channel is not that great.

    Access Code:


    Hence the list comes to an end. Above I have provided you a list of 10 Best Roku Private Channels of 2020 with their Access Codes too. So now you can enjoy the various types of content that are available on these channels.

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